Sweet Sensational Gelato at Art of Flavors in Las Vegas

Savor the Flavor in the Gelato at Art of Flavors Las Vegas

Art of Flavors Gelato
Zeke Quezada

Since the moment Douglas and Destyn Taylor left their last jobs at a Las Vegas strip restaurant their intent was to create a high-quality product with the best possible ingredients and chase a passion. At Art of Flavors, Gelato & Sweets, they are doing precisely that.  Douglas, the talented chef, and Destyn, the former General Manager, both who worked for Mario Batali in Las Vegas restaurants, are fulfilling their own version of the culinary dream. While making some very impressive gelato the husband and wife team are grinding out some seriously sweet treats.

The gelato they are putting out is not only delicious but it is created with hand-selected sourced ingredients and no commercial bases. All the effort that goes into making their quirky flavored gelato such as Red Wine Hibiscus, Lavender Toasted Honey and Juliette The Goose Eggs + Sage Flower is done in-house. After years of working hard to push the name of a celebrity chef, they are working the kitchen, the counter, the front of house, and the back of house.  Art of Flavors in Las Vegas is serving some serious gelato just minutes from the center of the strip.

The gelato flavors at Art of Flavors on the Las Vegas strip change based on the ingredients available on any given day.  On a recent visit, a few flavors stuck out and were a welcome change from the ordinary; whisky-cornbread, sassafras root bark, cucumber-mint-ginger.  Each of these inventive flavors inspires the taste buds to seek out the different instead of the expected. If your heart is set on the traditional flavors, aim for the cherry and strawberry but make sure not to overlook the blood orange or the yuzu with lemongrass.

Bright colors, the sweet smell of a pastry chef hard at work and the bright comfortable feel of a neighborhood ice cream shop make Art of Flavors a must in Las Vegas for tourists and locals alike.

Art of Flavors: Gelato & Sweets

1616 Las Vegas Blvd S #130
Las Vegas, NV 89104
(702) 457 -5522
Open daily 12 p.m. to 10 p.m.