Where To Vote in Arizona - November 8, 2016 General Election

If You Live in Arizona, It Is Easy To Find Your Official Polling Place

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If you've already registered to vote in Arizona, and your name and address are current, all you need to know to find out where to go to vote is available online.

Where to Vote In City of Phoenix Only Elections

If you live within the official boundaries of the City of Phoenix (not surrounding cities, but actually the City of Phoenix) and you are voting in a City of Phoenix election, such as the election for mayor or city council, you do not have an assigned polling place. You may vote in one of 26 voting centers located within the city. If the election is about county or state issues, you will vote according to the old system, organized by the county below.

The General Election on November 8, 2016 is NOT a city election. You need to vote in the polling place assigned by Maricopa County.

Where To Vote In Maricopa County

Enter an address. Click on Search. You will be given the name and address of the polling place for that address.

Early Voting in Maricopa County

Use this link to find locations for in-person early voting in Maricopa County. Any registered voter may vote at one of these locations (with ID) between October 12 and November 3 or 4, 2016, depending on location.

Where To Vote in Pinal County

Enter your county and address. Click on Search. You will be given the name and address of the polling place for that address.

Where To Vote in Other Arizona Counties

Use this link to find out where to vote if you are registered anywhere in Arizona.People living the Greater Phoenix area can find out where to vote at that website, too. You can also contact your County Recorder and Elections Office.

Did You Receive an Early Ballot?
If you have not already mailed it, you may deposit your completed, sealed and signed ballot it in a designated box at any polling place in your county. Be aware -- early ballots must be received, not postmarked, by 7 p.m. on Election Day. If you mail your ballot on Election Day, your vote will not count.

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