Arizona Stocking Stuffers: Gifts For Less Than $10

These Phoenix Gifts Won't Get Thrown Away

Camelback Bar
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Here are some ideas for Arizona gifts under $10. These make great stocking stuffers for Christmas, or nice, small gifts for neighbors, service people or co-workers.

Arizona Lottery Tickets make nice little stocking stuffers, or a nifty little addition to a holiday greeting card. You can give MegaMillions, Powerball, The Pick, Pick 5, Pick 3 and other types of tickets. I like to give Scratchers tickets, because they are more entertaining and chances of winning are better, even if the prizes aren't in the millions. You can pick these up at convenience stores and most grocery stores. In 2016 they even started selling Arizona Lottery tickets at the airport! Beware: legitimate Arizona lottery tickets can not be purchased over the phone, by mail or on the Internet.

Cost of this gift: $1 and up per lottery ticket

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A truly local gift for any chocolate lover would be a box of Arizona Camelback Bars from Cerreta Candy Company in Glendale. It's pecans, caramel and milk chocolate. Of course, if the stocking you are stuffing is for someone who needs a sugar-free chocolate fix, you can get those, too. Another sugar-free option is the Sugar-Free Almond Bark.

Cost of this gift: $2.99 to $9.99

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If you are looking for something to put in my stocking this year, I'm hoping for a Discount Certificate. The way these work is that you buy a certificate for up to $10, and that usually gives the recipient up to $25 in savings at that restaurant. There may be restrictions, like which meal it has to be, or how much has to be spent, so make sure you read the details on the particular restaurant in which you are interested. You can print the certificates directly from your computer. One more thing — there are almost always special discount codes for even more savings, so check those before you buy.

Cost of this gift: $4 to $10

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Valley Metro Rail is very convenient for getting to many destinations in downtown Phoenix, Tempe, and Mesa. If you know someone that has a busy weekend planned, or will be visiting from out of the area, a great way to get around to several points of interest on the light rail line would be a 1-Day Light Rail Pass. A card is activated when it is used for the first time. You can purchase one at light rail station vending machines, transit centers, retail locations, or on the bus (extra charge).
Cost of this gift: $4 for a one-day pass

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The Maricopa Home & Garden Show has several dates every year. There's usually one in January, and if you have someone in your house who'd love to go and dream, plan or design then a pair of tickets to this popular trade show would be a unique stocking stuffer.

Cost of this gift: about $8 per ticket, or less if you get a coupon.

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Blank Southwestern Note Cards are great for thank you cards or get well cards -- for just about any occasion when you want to write a short note but you want it to be more personal than an email. La Casa Card Company has a large selection of Arizona-made note cards that make lovely stocking stuffers or small gifts for office co-workers.

Cost of this gift: $6 and up.

Southwest Cards

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Everyone can use postage stamps, and there are always fun and timely, commemorative and specialty stamps available. You can go to the post office and usually buy them from a machine without having to stand in line at this busy time of year. Or, if you are shopping at 2 a.m., you can even go to the U.S. Postal Service online and order them. There's a small service charge for ordering online. You'll receive them in the mail in a couple of days.

Cost of this gift: $9.40 for a book of 20 forever stamps

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Depending on how you purchase these items, there may be tax, postage, handling or shipping charges.

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