Arizona Renaissance Festival: Map and Directions

Arizona Renaissance Festival

Arizona Renaissance Festival

The Arizona Renaissance Festival is located seven miles east of Apache Junction on US Highway 60. That's in the southeastern section of the Greater Phoenix area. You will see signs directing you to the Festival as you approach the Gold Canyon area. Drive past the Gold Canyon Golf Resort and Kings Ranch Road. The Festival grounds will be on the right, so stay in the right lane. You can't miss it. 

For some people, this location may be a little far to drive and you won't find any public transportation to this location. Here is a chart with some approximate driving times and distances to Apache Junction. Most would say that it is well worth the trip. Many thousands of people, both locals, and visitors, attend each and every year.

Beware: online mapping and GPS devices often locate this event incorrectly!

It all happens over about a six-week period each winter. An event for all ages, area residents and visitors are transported back to the 16th century, where knights jousted, maidens danced and sang, Kings and Queens were entertained and pampered, and the townsfolk gorged themselves on turkey legs and beer. If you've never been to the Arizona Renaissance Festival, you'll get a good feeling for what happens there by watching the video. A day at the Arizona Renaissance Festival may include listening to bawdy poetry and song, seeing amazing feats of strength and ax throwing, and watching fire jugglers or whip masters. In the arena, knights on horseback will display their talents for the King and Queen and the audience. There are rides, games, fairies, jesters, and a myriad of people dressed in full era garb (even when it's warm outside). 

If it is a special occasion, tickets to the Pleasure Feast guarantee a dining and entertainment experience worthy of your pocketful of gold coins. If you don't opt for the Pleasure Feast, you can be sure that there will be an abundance of choices for gorging yourself with foods from centuries past (and food booths current).

Arizona Renaissance Festival Address

12601 US-60
Gold Canyon, AZ 85118



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