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It is a beautiful day for an exhilarating ride with Arizona Outdoor Fun in the Tonto National Forest

Trip Savvy / Judy Hedding

Arizona Outdoor Fun is a company that rents recreational riding and boating equipment. Included in their inventory are ATVs (4-wheel all-terrain vehicles), dirt bikes, 2-seater and 4-seater UTVs (Utility Terrain Vehicles), jet skis, boats, pontoons, kayaks, and canoes.

Arizona Outdoor Fun has a showroom in central Phoenix where you can look at the equipment, which may be rented at daily rates for one day or for multiple days. A trailer is provided with two or more ATV rentals. All other equipment (jet skis, boats, etc.) have a trailer included in the rental price. A tow vehicle may also be arranged.

Don't have anything but a desire to get out and have some desert excitement? Arizona Outdoor Fun has what they call a "FUN Package" including the tow vehicle, the trailer, and the toys as well as accessories for the equipment such as tubes, wakeboards, and water skis.

The pictures in this photo tour were taken on a spring day in 2010. The desert was certainly green after some spring rains! We took a Rhino (UTV) into the Tonto National Forest for a few hours. If you are looking for some adventure and some gorgeous desert views of Arizona, this trip might be just the answer.

Arizona Outdoor Fun is a member of the Central Arizona Better Business Bureau.

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Where You'll Ride

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Guided tours with Arizona Outdoor Fun place north of Phoenix in the Bradshaw Mountains. The trip begins in the lower desert near the Agua Fria river valley. You'll experience desert trail riding with small creek and wash riding and crossings, and beautiful desert views. Arizona Outdoor Fun Guides share their knowledge about the plant life, wildlife, history, area and climate. You'll see ancient ruins and pass by working and abandoned gold mines on the way up to Tip Top ghost town, elevation about 2,500 ft.

Your other option for ATV riding with Arizona Outdoor Fun is the “Show up and Ride” in the Tonto National Forest. You'll get an extensive briefing and maps of the trails at the start in northeast Scottsdale. Off-road at your own pace and visit the Verde River, scenic vistas and canyons. This is a 30-square-mile marked trail system with boundaries on all sides where you can create your own memorable desert adventure without getting lost.

If wet fun is your preference, Arizona Outdoor Fun provides personal watercraft, boats and more. Water tours are offered at Lake Pleasant in the northwest part of town.

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Who Should Ride

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ATVs and UTVs are for healthy people of all ages who don't mind some jostling and dust/dirt! On the “Show up and Ride” in the Tonto National Forest, where you go out on your own, you needn't go especially fast if you are uncomfortable doing so. The guided tour in the Bradshaw Mountains takes place at a reasonable pace -- nothing death-defying here!

Vehicles are easy to drive, and UTVs have roll bars. The minimum age to drive an ATV is 14. ATV riders must be at least 5 feet tall and 100 pounds. A parent or guardian must be riding in the same group with them. If your children are between 7 and 16, the UTVs are for you. They can sit in the back of the 4-seater UTV (200 pound maximum). The minimum age for operating a jet ski or UTV is 16. The minimum age for operating a boat is 16 with parental consent.

All requirements and offerings are subject to change without notice.

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How to Get to Arizona Outdoor Fun

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While Arizona Outdoor Fun is located in central Phoenix, that's not usually where you will meet to begin your outdoor excursion. For Rhino and ATV tours, you'll probably meet north of Phoenix near the base of the Bradshaw Mountains (for guided tours) or at the entrance to the Tonto National Forest in northeast Scottsdale (for self-guided fun). Jet ski tours generally take place at Lake Pleasant, in the northwest part of the Greater Phoenix area.

You may rent boats, dirt bikes and other 'toys' at Arizona Outdoor Fun. For a fee, they will bring them to your desired location, or you can arange for a trailer and pick them up yourself at their Phoenix showroom.

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Contact, Prices and What To Bring

There is an area on the Scottsdale ride, pictured here, where ATV riders can pick up the speed and practice taking jumps and turns.

Trip Savvy / Judy Hedding

Arizona Outdoor Fun Contact Information
Showroom: 2144 E. Indian School Road, Phoenix
Phone: 602-400-2445
Web site:

The price for the "Show Up and Ride" package in the Tonto National Forest that I described in this tour is $175 per person for ATVs. UTVs start at $325 (Mar 2015). Helmets, gloves fuel water and a snack are included. This price is for 3 hours with a two person minimum. The guided tours in the Bradshaw mountains are slightly higher in price. Hotel pickup/dropoff is offered at an additional charge. Contact Arizona Out door Fun for pricing on dirt bikes, jet skis, and boats. A security deposit is required on all rentals.

What To Bring

  • Small cooler of picnic items, if desired.
  • Sunscreen
  • Goggles. If you don't have any, they can be provided/purchased.
  • Cell phone
  • Appropriate shoes for the type of vehicle you are using.
  • Cash, to tip your tour guide, if applicable. There are no ATMs where you're going!
  • Check the weather. At higher elevations it can be cold in the morning at certain times of year. You might want to wear layers.
  • Camera
  • Binoculars
  • Wet wipes

What Not To Bring

  • heavy, expensive equipment
  • pets
  • alcohol
  • babies or children under 7 years of age

If you are taking the self-guided tour, you will be provided with detailed maps, instructions and tips in addition to your safety briefing. Pay attention! It is possible (but not probable) that you'll get lost if you didn't listen to the briefing.

All prices and offerings are subject to change without notice.

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My Take on Arizona Outdoor Fun

© 2010 Judy Hedding

I rode in a UTV (4-passenger Rhino) at the north Scottsdale/Tonto National Forest location. Here are some of my observations and a few pieces of advice if you decide to go.

  • The desert isn't usually as green as depicted in these photos. We'd had quite a bit of rain in the weeks preceding this tour.
  • The Verde River flows all year long. Fishing is permitted. If you are bringing in your own vehicle, a permit is required.
  • If you are taking your ATV/UTV ride with others, you'll be eating the dust of the people driving in front of you! The helmets and goggles are not only for safety, but will minimize the dust in your face.
  • On the Arizona Outdoor Fun guided tour in the Bradshaw Mountains, there will be periodic stops where the guide provides some insights about the area.
  • There is wildlife in the desert. Snakes, scorpions, javelina, bobcats, coyotes -- this is their territory. Stay on the paths, and don't stick your fingers in any holes or bushes.
  • About the paths -- there is desert plant life along the roads. That means cactus needles. They are neither pleasant nor easy to remove. Keep your extremities inside the vehicles
  • It's easy for the boys to relieve themselves in the desert, but not so much for girls. Make sure you make a rest room stop before you get to the rendezvous point. When squatting in the desert, keep in mind my warnings about critters and cacti.
  • I like that there are two choices for ATV riding with Arizona Outdoor Fun -- a guided tour, or go on your own.
  • Don't take your rented vehicles into the river -- it's deeper than you think.
  • Of course, you'll have to sign waivers of responsibility. If you damage the vehicles, you'll be liable. That's standard with equipment rental companies.
  • I had a blast! I would recommend this trip for any active person who enjoys off-road activities and wants to experience the beauty of the Arizona desert.

As is common in the industry, the writer was provided with a excursion for review purposes. While it has not influenced this review, believes in full disclosure of all potential conflicts of interest. For more information, see our ethics policy. All prices and offerings mentioned herein are subject to change without notice. 03/10

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