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    What About Your Thermostat?

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    A few years ago I opened up a discussion, inviting locals to share the temperature at which they keep their home in the summer. I asked for the average temperature in Phoenix area house on a summer day when it is 100+ degrees outside, and you are at home. Do you keep it at 70°F? 84°F? Somewhere in between? How about at night? How about during the winter months? 

    These responses were submitted between 2011 and 2014. I have not verified any of the responses. I publish them because you might find them instructional, or at least interesting. Maybe you thought you were the only one who keep the house pretty warm, even in the summer!

    I am no longer accepting submissions on this topic. I may have done some minor editing if the response wandered off topic, but I did not correct incorrect spelling or grammar.

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    It's so hot here that unless I set the thermostat to 81-82 my bill would be over $300 during summer months. Plus I've got a pool. So yes i would prefer the temp setting at 78-80 but I just don't like seeing a 1/3 of my check going to power companies. Yes I seem to fight with my wife over the thermostAt settings, but then again she's not the one who pays the bills in this house.
    — Slava

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    How cool is our house?

    We keep our summer thermostat between 79º & 81º. Occasionally I bump it up to between 82º & 84º, but not for long, or at least without the fans running. ....We've been in Cave Creek for just over a year now... this is our second summer. :o)
    — Nancy

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    a.c. thempeature in house like it 68-70

    this is good cooling temp. range can't stand warm home or can't sleep in hot house.
    — liz

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    best temp

    Best in the house is 73f summer time 65 winter it work well for all in the house
    — zuly


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    Heat affects a lot of things

    If your house is hot it will rot your books and photos {some people turn their AC off when not at home !!!}, pets suffer if your house is too warm/hot, remember heat can just ruin things. My mother had a whole bookcase of books {a large,built in bookcase} just rot because she turned the AC off when she was away. If a room is too warm it can make pet food/kibble and canned food go bad, it can ruin vitamins if they are not refrigerated and medicines too.
    —Guest in AZ

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    Summer: 78 6m-7am 84 during the day. Highest bill $245. Winter: 76 6m-7am, 68 during the day. Highest bill: $53. 1850 sft home.
    — AMC

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    staying comfortable summer winter

    I have lived in Phx for 30 years but grew up in NY with 4 seasons, a lot of humidity & snow. My current house is a 1952 build, 1200 sq ft. I replaced all windows, doors, the AC, roof & insulation in the last 4-10 years. I planted shade trees & bushes strategically. I maintain in the winter 72- & 74, summer 77-80, ceiling fans in all rooms. My bill has been $85-$100/month on equalizer plan through APS. The improvements made all the difference in being comfortable year round! My neighbors bills are 2x mine because they haven't done the same, especially the windows.
    — Bobbie

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    I hate feeling hot

    Thermostat is set at 70 deg, 24/7, 365/year. If it calls for a/c or heat, they go on automatically.
    —  Its Me

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    El Cheapo

    I winter in south Texas 6 miles north of the border. I summer in Arizona in Peoria, I use a swamp cooler until the dew point goes above 50 then switch to A/C central unit. APS bills about $80 until A/C central jumps in then $100 to $180 with A/C set at 80 day 75 nights. Bye the way swamp cooler keep the house 25 degrees cooler April when it reached 105 degrees in Pheonix. Wish I could use swamp cooler in south Texas but humidity too high and dew point about 60 plus. PS Use ceiling fans in every room! I do in both states & house is 1200sf FYI
    —  Marcus

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    i hate to be cold

    My home temp is 85 degrees in the winter time and 80 degrees in the summer
    —  christopher

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    temp settings Avondale

    78 summer. Work at home and have separate AC in office set at 74. On sch w/lower cost except 3-6 M-F. 1,600 sf with $225/mn fixed to average out. Have $600 credit built-up through Mar for hotter summer months. We had a 1,275. SF condo in San Diego (moved 7/11) and averaged $275/month. Electricity much less in Phonix
    —  guest

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    to live and breath comfortably I keep it on 74-75. It doesn't run my bill up either. Any higher and I'll suffocate!
    —  britt

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    Temperatures at home

    Right now, it's December 23 and I am needing it at 74. My mom yelled at me; Anyways,.....!! -- Sometimes 68 is high enough. Right now, it's only about 36 degrees out and we have but around an 800 sq ft home.
    —  Anna

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    SUMMER: 81 daytime, 79 night time. WINTER: 65 daytime, 67 night time. Location: U of A, Tucson

    — Olive


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    In the winter months- Set at 72 during the night, 70 when home, and 65 while at work. Summer set between 78 and 80 when home and 82 when away.

    — Conrad

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    temps in home

    I keep the temp at 84 in the summer except between 4-6 pm when it's hottest outside. Then I lower it to 79 just for a few hours. In Winter I keep the thermostat between 65-70. I would rather dress warmer inside the house and keep my energy bill down, and dress lighter in the summer for the same reason. A bathing suit is just grand for housework. ;-D

    — desert ridge


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    hoping to save

    I keep my thermostat at 80 from May to mid-October. This summer my highest bill was $220. I just got a new AC last week, replacing a 26-year-old unit; I can't wait to see the energy savings next summer.

    — Elizabeth

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    Our home is 2800 sq ft and we live out in queen creek. We keep our temp set to 78 with ceiling fans on during the summer and drop it to 76 when we have a lot of company over. It's comfortable. We usually spend about $250-350 on our bill. I think during the winter months I will pay double so its easier once summer rolls through again.

    — nat

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    Keeping cool

    I usually keep my thermostat set at 80 or 82 degrees when I'm gone during the day. I recently had an efficient attic system installed by Goettl at my house and have noticed a significant decrease in my energy bill. My home also seems to cool down quicker and keep cooler than it used to.

    — Andrea

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    summer bills too high!

    we recently bought a 2300 sqft house, built in 2004 in Phoenix, AZ and our summer electric bills are around $500. We are on the Timed saving plan, I'm home all day, and keep the temperature between 83 and 85, and in the evenings, no less than 80 degrees. I don't use the washer/dryer during the day, I don't ever use the dish washer, I don't use any other major electronic device during the day. We do have a pool and I think the pump might have been running all day for a few weeks bc the timer was broken but regardless, our bills are ridiculously high. Do people usually turn the AC off if the leave the house for most of the day or just keep it at a moderate level? I have heard that it's better to keep it running all day, but I'm not sure if that is actually wise, after seeing our bills!


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    PHX Roomies are energy hogs!!!! GRRRR!

    I live with 3 Roommates in 1500 sf, Mid century Town house, in Phoenix AZ Someone is always in the home, so we can not do "away temeprature" I would like to keep the temp between 80 and 85 in the Summer and around 68 in the Winter So far, it has not worked, for someone always messes with the settings. Maybe a lockable, tamper proof thermostat?

    — Dawby

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    midwest to hotwest

    We moved here from ohio, and don't miss the humidity at all! so when the monsoon comes, it's tough. We try to keep our a/c set to 85, but are expecting our 2nd child and I'm HOT all the time, so it has been around 78-83 lately! In the winter, we don't turn it on right away, and just use more blankets, if we do need the heat I'm guessing it's probably from 70-78+ Our highest bill here this summer was about $200! But again, we normally don't keep it set so low... Drink lots of water and use fans! Living in Arizona is worth it, once you get past the summer months! :)

    — small family

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    Don't turn the ac off

    For those trying to save money by turning the ac off, it's nott a good idea. After being off all day the ac unit has to cool the carpet, furniture, walls and ceiling all over again. Just turn the temp up some to save some.

    — Aughra

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    How cool indoor temp summer

    I keep my apt between 75 and 80 all summer day and night. I generally keep it closer to 75 at night so I can sleep.

    — Dee Dee

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    Check cost/degree

    In the summer if we're doing housework 77; in the hottest part of the day (4-6 PM in Phx.) 78; at night 79 but turn up the portable air filter one notch. Check with your local utility provided to see how much it costs for each degree under 80 you set the thermostat. You will be shocked. In the winter we set the temp at 68 and put on a sweater if it gets too cool. The air gets so dry in the winter an MD said he sets his house at a maximum of 65 to help keep down sinus infections. Phoenix is a great place to live midOct.-May. Then it's miserable.

    — Jeamar


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    staying Cool

    We are originally from Prescott, we also have furry Pom & Pom Chiwawa mix. they need to be kept Cool and we like to be cold so a window unit is kept on at 80 but it's really about 70 in the living room. Everyone can't believe how incredibly cool it is when they walk in. we also use 2 big high velocity fans. one directly in front of the window unit to push that cool air into our Mobile Double wide remodled 1970 Fleetwood. We have a double insulated foam roof and it has cut our bills in half. $168.00 a month on the equalizer plan. We also have small air conditioners in each bedroom. they only run while we sleep and dress. We keep it cool. On a really hot 115* to 120* day "Yeah it gets that hot they just don't report it" we crank it down to 78 79*. Remember tho, Window units are cheaper to run than a big unit and a whole lot cooler. 80* from an Big ac is hot. Well duh, it won't come on. 80* window unit goes off an on and the cool does not have to travel the...MORE yard Labrynth of ductwork

    — Cool Native

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    75 Degrees during the summer months, 72 during the winter.

    — Bryce

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    79 at night. 82 daytime when I am home. 84 when not home.

    — pegmih

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    I am in a 1934 home at 1000 sq ft. She's an oven in summer with all windows closed. With 2.5 ton split set at 78 she is very cool yet runs 1/2 hour of each hour using 1 watt an hour. With a swamp portable cooler it takes 1 gallon of water per hour, fans on low in each room, sleep in room with swamp cooler it takes 1 1/4 watts every 5 hours and 1 gallon of water an hour, leave all windows open find humidity normal and coolest cooling.

    — New Commer

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    My hubby is away for work now so I'm keeping it at 75 day/night. When he's at home its 62! I'm affraid what the bill is gonna be. We just moved here

    — oklahoma

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    We're COLD!

    My Mom and Dad always keep the house at 65. When my sister and I come home from school we just keep our jackets on. It's TOO COLD!


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    house temp

    I keep it around 68F year around It hit hits around 100 f to 105 in the summer months light bill runs around 150 to 300 a month

    — kim

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    Cool Comfy!!

    I've been living in Arizona for a few yrs and loving it. My Phoenix area home is about 4700sf w/ two a/c units above ground and one below. The thermostats are programmable. The 1st flr is set for 81 during the day, 80 evenings and OFF @ bedtime (when no one is sleeping down there). The 2nd floor is set @ 82-day and 80 bedtime & early mornings. Since the temp in the basement stays between 77 and 81 without the a/c running, I turn it on only when I need to be down there for long periods of time. I usually set the whole house at 78-80 for guests. Ceiling fans are used as needed to avoid touching the thermostats. This seems to work for everyone in the house. Sometimes when more cooling is needed I'll lower the temperature about 1 or 2 degrees......while anxiously waiting for October. BTW: I've found that turning your a/c OFF during the day to save money works everywhere except in the Phoenix area.

    — Lou


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    I have birds

    I live in a 1964 mobile home & keep my thermostat @ 78 day & night. I prefer it cooler, but birds need the warmth. My electric is $145.00. In Washington state it was $250.00 a month in the summer without AC. Electric here is cheap!

    — conures


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    No Clothing Helps

    I have the air conditioner set at 85 degrees for my cat during the day when I am at work, and she seems to love that heat, and the vet said it was fine as long as there is shade and water of course. When I get home I lower it to 82 but I don't wear any clothes at all in my place when I am at home at this time of the year which helps me a lot When I go to bed I set the air conditioner to 77 degrees, and that is great for sleeping under a sheet. I also cut energy in other ways, so my electricity bill is about @100 per month at this time of the year.

    — Nicole

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    How cool is my home

    85 during the day while I'm at work 80 4:00pm till 9:00pm 78 at night

    — Tammy

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    Funny how a climate can change you!

    When I lived in Michigan I set my thermostat at about 70 in the summer. Now that I live in AZ it is usually between 78-80 depending on the day. I guess it seems cooler here when you walk in from 110+? It works for me. When not home or at night I turn the downstairs to 81 or 82 as we sleep upstairs. Turn upstairs up in the mornings also.

    — Susan

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    84degrees/summer; 68/winter

    layers of clothes in the winter; fans in each room in summer

    — nastij

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    First Summer

    We were lucky to find a great single level home built only 4 years ago, @2,000 ft. So far, we do fine at 81-82 day and night. The ceiling fans help alot. If it feels too cool, I immediately turn it up a degree. My goal is to be comfortable but not cold. Most stores and malls here are way too cold for me. But don't know yet what our SRP bill will be or whether we'll have to go lower on the thermostat when it hits 110 and above.

    — cat commando

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    cool for hubby

    we keep our therm set at 74 and i'm usually a little chilly. when he is at work, i'll turn it up to 76 and i'm ok. i prefer to sleep with the windows open but it's too hot for him...we also have our ceiling fans on in the rooms we occupy. house is 2500 sqft, 2 story built in 2008 and our electric bill is about 150 per month, up from about 60 -80 in the winter.

    — Denise


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    Oh come on people... 90 when away and 85 until outside temps get lower...assuming they do..otherwise leave it

    — Jim

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    Peoria AZ Retirement Home

    Put it on 78 and forget it...night and day. Love to sleep under a blanket at night and then it is shorts and a t-shirt most of the year. $120/month in a 950 sq. ft. home and quite comfortable.

    — Leonard

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    I come from Philadelphia, and I keep my thermostat at a steady 80 degrees. The only time I'm hot is when I'm cleaning and the only time I'm cold is when I'm sitting under an a/c duct and the air has just come on. APS bills are at about $200 in the summer and about $80 or less in the winter.

    — Philly CB


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    I keep it at 80 downstairs and 82 upstairs and turn the upstairs down to 80 at night. We like the heat!!

    — Sylbo

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    I lived in Az for 35 years, I couldnt take the heat anymore, we keep the air on 80 during the day and 75 at night, and we still were hot, and our bills were 300.00, and that was way back in 1995. I couldnt imagine what it costs now. I live in Co and we dont have air, it gets warm during the day , sometimes in the 90's, but the nights cool off, and we only have to deal with this for 3 months.

    — K

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    don't see the savings

    I ran a test today. Here is Phoenix it was 100F. I ran the thermostat at 77 from 6AM until 1 PM and then went up to 81F. We pay twice as much for power between 1 PM and 8 PM. Bottom line: I didn't save any money. I don't see how a programmable thermostat saves money in Phoenix. [Comment from Judy Hedding, Phoenix: You only save money if you signed up for your electric company's saving plan, where they charge you differently for kilowatt usage during certain hours.]

    — Rick

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    New home owner trying to adjust

    I've lived in AZ since 8, I used to fight my father about the temp. Lived in Apartment's for 8 years, first home and first SRP bill on my own. I've been keeping it at 80, this weekend though I dropped in down to 78, I think. My house has one of those old thermastats. I need to update so I can see what the temp really is. It seems like the concensus is 80 and above for an energy efficient (cheap) electric bill! 

    — Island Girl

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    Depends on where and what your age is

    Lived in the state of Wash. for 55 yrs and kept ac at 70 in the summer and heat at 68. Moved to glorious Arizona sunshine and keep the ac at 78-80 during the day and 75 at night and we sleep with a blanket on. We would have died of heat in Wash. I guess your blood thins. We love the heat in Phoenix but hate the humidity with monsoon.

    — Pam

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    I love to be cold

    I live with my gmaw and she likes to keep it on 80 degrees all the time, i am more of a person that loves to be cold so i prefer it to be on about 65-68

    — Jordan

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    Summer home temp

    I usually keep the thermostat set at 80 degrees, periodically turn it down to 78 for a while if I get too warm; this keeps me pretty comfortable.

    — Michele

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    How cool is your house

    68 to 70 day time temp. and about 64 at night. Anything more than 70, I find I am sitting around in my shorts. Way to hot at 72

    — James

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    Keeping Changes Small

    We have a two-story. We keep the downstairs at 79 all the time. Upstairs - where all the bedrooms are - goes from 80 in the day to 78 at night, but I vary this one degree at a time. The slower you change the temp, the more energy efficient the process is.

    — John C

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    I like the heat (native), so I keep my house at 85.

    — Jess

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    Even at 89 you can tell the difference!

    I'll come home and I sure feel the difference from the temperature outside to the 89* in the apt. During the day while I am at work, I keep the thermostat at 89 for my dogs. If I am home it's usually at 80. At night about a half hour before I go to bed I'll turn it to 75 for a few minutes until I go to bed then it's back to 89. I also use a fan to circulate the air in the front room. I never get too hot!!!

    — Melissa 

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    Swamp cooler

    I have a swamp cooler I use, it keeps the temp at about 74 when the fan is on high. So far, the nights have been open windows and ceiling fans, keeping me at abut 77. When I use the AC, I set it at 79.

    — Pat

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    PERFECTION, if I can get new windows.

    Mine is programed. I use the energy star setting. I will turn it down if warm to 80. At night I try to take advantage of the AC working at it's best and Will pull the temp down to 76 but then bump it up to 78. It normally will not run until late morning. I have an issue with old windows in my condo. the warmth is outstanding. It makes it hard to keep it at 78 during the day although I would perfer that. Auto settings are 85 for day and 82 at night with two short periods of 78 early am and 6pm at night. This works very well for when I'm not home or paying attention, keeping the home at it's best.

    — Will

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    cool for me

    my house no matter what the temperature outside is always 75 or 76 all summer

    — linda

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    Liking AZ so far

    I keep it at 82 most of the time. If feel too warm at night occasionally turn it down to 80. If I remember I turn it up to 84 if I'm going to be gone. The dogs and cats do ok with that.

    — Denwood

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    It all depends on your age

    When I was a kid growing up in Phoenix all we had was one evaporative window fan, in the front room. I'd play outside, get hot and come in and sit in front of it until I was cool and then go back outside. The heat didn't bother me. In my 20's and 30's I lived in air conditioned apts. I set the temp to 74 day and night and was comfortable. But the apt included utilities, so why not? Now I set it at 79 all the time. I get cold easier now that I'm older (the older you are the colder you get!), but I also can't tolerate the heat like I used to either, so I sit pretty still during the day. I can't really afford to make it any cooler anyway!

    — AZ Native


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    sleep cool

    Programmable thermostat: 80-days, 74 nights I prefer to sleep cool, and while I would like it cooler during the day,I prefer not to pay for it. So I and my (furry) dogs live with 80.

    — Vickie S.

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    how cool is your house?

    I am in the minority, sadly I have to keep the house cool year round. It is set to 74 during the day and 70 at night, year round.

    — Nanci  

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    How cool is your house?

    Generally we keep the AC set on 82 during the day unless we are out then we bump it up to 84. At night we have it at 80.

    — Bizee3

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    Just right

    Like one of your other responders; 77 is comfortable during the hot summer months.

    — John V

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    how cool is my house

    I will only turn on the air conditioner when it gets 91 in my house. I do not run it at night.

    — Gary

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    Same as in the winter

    My apartment is kept at around 80 degrees F all year long. I have RA so my body is most comfortable at that temperature. However, I've never been a fan of being cold.

    — suryalane


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    Keeping Cool

    I have always heard that A/C units can only cool your house 15 degrees below the outside temp - I don't know if that it true, but when it is extremely hot, I keep the thermostat at 85. If I start feeling hot, I can always go outside for a bit and come back in!

    — Connie G.

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    I don't have central air or whole house air conditioning. Yes, it's true. I have a lone window unit I run some evenings (in my bedroom) or during the day if I'm taking a nap but during the rest of the day it's just fans, cool glasses of water, and no strenuous exercising in the heat. A cool shower when it's really, really bad but otherwise, I do fine as long as I'm not out in the direct sun. Been doing it this way for almost 15 years.

    — Annie