Arizona Diamondbacks Baseball

Major League Baseball in Phoenix, Arizona

The Arizona Diamondbacks is one of the newer professional sports leagues in Arizona, but they are certainly just as beloved as other pro teams in town. Winning the World Series against the Yankees in 2001 certainly didn't hurt!

Here is your guide to the Arizona Diamondbacks. Everything you need to know, except what to put on those huge foot-long hot dogs (I recommend grilled onions, grilled peppers and mustard, or chili and cheese, depending on how messy you want it to get), is included in these pages. Have a great time at the games; let's hope the Arizona Diamondbacks make it to the playoffs this year.

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Arizona Diamondbacks Current Schedule

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Get out your calendar and check it against this season's schedule. Both home games and away games are included, so you can plan when to get to the ballpark, or when to visit your favorite local sports bar to catch the televised action.

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How To Buy Single Game Tickets

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After you've picked out the dates that you can make it to the game, you'll need to know your options for buying tickets.

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Chase Field Seating Chart

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Chase Field is a huge stadium. There is quite a range of ticket prices, but many of the good seats are gone early. Have this seat chart handy when you are ready to buy your tickets.

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Map and Directions to Chase Field

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Chase Field is located in Downtown Phoenix. It is accessible by METRO Light Rail. If you are driving to Chase Field, here is a zoomable map and directions to the ballpark.

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Arizona Diamondbacks Trivia

The Arizona Diamondbacks Visits the White House
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The Diamondbacks haven't been a franchise for as long as some teams, but they've certainly made their mark in that short time. Read about some of the team highlights here.

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Arizona Diamondbacks Mascots

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It wouldn't be a complete game without Baxter. Learn his real full name, and see his picture here. No, that's not him on the left. That's just a mascot wannabe!

In July 2013 the Arizona Diamondbacks added a second mascot to the team. No, Baxter isn't angry about it....

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Arizona Diamondbacks Logo / Team Colors

Logo: Arizona Diamondbacks
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See the current logo and get specific information about the team colors for the Arizona Diamondbacks.

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D-backs Annual Fan Fest Details

Each winter the Arizona Diamondbacks invite their fans to Chase Field in downtown Phoenix, Arizona for a party. You can get the details, and see pictures from a previous event, here.

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Arizona Diamondbacks Minor League Affiliates (Farm Teams)

Reno Aces Mascot
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From Rookie league to Triple-a, here are details about the Minor League Baseball teams managed by the Arizona Diamondbacks. Includes team information, stadium information, tickets, mascots and more.

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Chase Field Offers Guided Tours

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Even if it isn't a game day, the public is invited to take a guided tour of this state-of-the-art ballpark.

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Chase Field Pictures

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Enjoy these photos of Chase Field, home of the Arizona Diamondbacks. Chase Field is located in downtown Phoenix, Arizona.

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2001 World Series Champs

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What a year, what a series, what a final game. I'll never forget that series winning bloop single hit by Luis Gonzales.

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