April Weather Across the United States

Cherry blossom sunrise
Getty Images/Kevin Voelker Photography

April can be a very pleasant time to visit much of the United States. April may be a time for some spring break and Easter travel, but, in general, this is shoulder season, when it is possible to find mild to warm weather (ideal for touring) and travel deals to many destinations. Many places hold festivals to celebrate the end of winter and make for a great excuse to take an April trip. Check out the Washington DC annual cherry blossom festival, which will kick off on March 25 and continue until April 15.

The blossoms are spectacular, and temperatures in the low 70s make for perfect strolling weather. 

The freezing temperatures that plague notoriously chilly spots in the Northeast and Midwest, such as Chicago and New York, warm up with comfortable highs in the 50s and low 60s. The Southeast is warm with temperatures in the 70s, but still pleasant without the summertime humidity. The southern reaches of Florida and Texas will even start to creep into the 80s and are great spots to hit anytime in April for (mostly) sunny days and warm temperatures. The Western United States also starts to heat up, with temperatures in the 70s and low 80s in southern spots like Los Angeles and Phoenix and 50s to mid-60s the higher north you travel.


April Rain

On the downside, April can be quite windy and rainy as cooler temperatures give way to the longer, warmer days of spring. If you don't see the "fun" in getting caught in the rain, avoid places in the Pacific Northwest, such as Seattle and Portland. Rain in the region is standard throughout the year, but showers are guaranteed throughout the spring. Summer downpours in the Southeast are far off, and places like Florida and Louisiana typically see more sun than they do in the summer. If you are traveling with children and are afraid of a rainstorm trapping you in a hotel room, head to a big city like Boston or San Francisco.

Museums and other kid-centric activities are easy to find, and the perfect way to pass the time during bad weather.

April weather can be unpredictable across the country. You're more likely to see cold temperatures and bad weather if the winter months were particularly harsh. When deciding whether or not to take a trip, especially earlier in the month, consider what the winter temperatures were in wherever you are wanting to go. If it was stormy and freezing all season long, consider waiting until late in April to make the trip. And no matter where you go, make sure to stick an umbrella and raincoat into your suitcase just in case.

You'll be prepared if it starts to pour and be able to carry on with your travel adventures. 

At a glance, average April temperatures for the top 10 tourist destinations in the United States ​are as follows:

*Average temperature given for Orlando, Florida (see Florida link for average April temperatures for cities throughout Florida)