April in New Zealand

What to See and Do in New Zealand During April

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The middle month of Autumn (Fall), April is one of the prettiest months to be in New Zealand. Autumn leaves and colors abound as the weather becomes cooler.​

April Weather

Temperatures become noticeably cooler in April. Both the North and South Islands experience sunny days with temperatures generally reaching the high teens/the early 20s (C) during the day but much cooler at night. The further south, of course, the lower the temperatures. As the weather patterns change the weather can also be somewhat variable, with brief stormy and rainy periods. In general, however, it is one of the most settled months, although New Zealand's maritime climate means that 'settled' is a relative term.

The autumn colors are in full swing during April. New Zealand has no native deciduous trees (they are all evergreen) but European settlers brought with them many trees such as oak and maple. As they shed their leaves at this time of year they create a beautiful effect in many parts of the country.

Pros of Visiting New Zealand in April

  • Autumn (Fall) colors. At their best throughout the country.
  • Low tourist numbers in all parts of New Zealand, meaning a lack of crowds.
  • Temperate weather conditions, so it's not too hot or cold. It's still mild enough for swimming at the northern beaches.

Cons of Visiting New Zealand in April

  • Cooler weather means it's not the best time to enjoy water sports.
  • Shorter days. Daylight saving usually ends in April, meaning that the days feel distinctively shorter.

What's on in April in New Zealand: Festivals and Events

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