April Anniversary Ideas

Where to Celebrate Romance on an April Anniversary

April travel has two halves: Up until mid-month, couples looking for a romantic place to celebrate an anniversary ought to be careful to avoid places overrun with spring breakers. The majority return to school by April 15. That's also when rates drop in the Caribbean, making island getaways particularly appealing (especially since hurricane season is still months away).​

Head for Hawaii

Rainy season is normally over by April, yielding gorgeous weather in Hawaii. What I like most about the 50th state is that there's more to do here than in most tropical destinations. And you ought to plan to experience more than one of the islands on your anniversary, perhaps even on a cruise.

Make Your Way to the Mediterranean

Come April, the weather in the countries along the Mediterranean is usually lovely. These are incredibly romantic countries in which to toast your anniversary while savoring fine Mediterranean food and wine.

Romantic April Anniversary with the Family

Got kids? Don't let that stop you from celebrating your April anniversary, even if you have to bring them along. April is still a good time to visit Florida, and you can also cavort in confidence at Caribbean all-inclusives that treat kids like honored guests and gives parents alone time.