The 6 Apps You Need to Install Before Heading to the Airport

Gates, Wi-fi, Lounges, Restaurants and More

Man on phone at airport
Matthias Tunger/DigitalVision/Getty Images

Looking for ways to make your time at the airport easier and more enjoyable? From lounge access to Wi-fi, security lines to restaurants and much more, check out these six great apps and have a far better time at the terminal.

Lounge Buddy

The best way of dealing with crowded terminals, bad food, and noisy fellow passengers is to avoid them completely, right? Lounge Buddy lets you do just that, with detailed information and reviews of over 2500 airport lounges around the world.

By filling out your profile with airline status, credit cards and other details, you'll be notified of the lounges you've got access to in a given airport. If there aren't any, you'll be advised which ones you can buy a day pass for – in some cases, you can do it directly through the app.

Available on iOS and Android, free.


The FLIO app aims to make the airport experience easier and cheaper, in a few different ways. The most interesting way is taking the pain out of connecting to Wi-fi – rather than tracking down the official network and having to enter a bunch of personal information every time, the app connects and does it all for you in over 350 airports.

The fun doesn't stop there, however. FLIO also gives discounts on food, drinks, and other airport amenities offers tips on everything from the fastest way to get into town to where the least-crowded bathrooms are and provides live information on arrivals, departures, and gates in 900+ airports.​

Available on iOS and Android, free.

FlightView Elite

Need to track your flights in more detail than what the airport screens are telling you? Worried you're not going to make your next connection? Grab a copy of FlightView Elite.

The app lets you know where your next flight is coming from, view it on a map, see the expected weather along the route and much more. You'll get terminal, gate and baggage collection details, see delays across North America, and load your own trips into the app to get a complete view of your journey.

You can call the airline's reservation desk direct from the flight details screen, and there's even driving directions to the airport if you need them.

Available on iOS, $3.99.

Airport Zoom

Traveling to a big, unfamiliar airport and need terminal maps? If you've got an iPad, check out Airport Zoom – it has maps for over 120 airports, including concessions, services, and amenities.

The app also has arrival and departure information for all major airports, plus detailed statuses for individual flights. You can track airport and weather delays at both ends, and see flights on a map if you'd prefer.

Available on iOS (iPad only), free.


Like several other apps, GateGuru tracks arrival and departure times and gate information – but that's not all. You can load your own trips, to get real-time notification of delays and gate changes.

There's restaurant information (including reviews), terminal maps, and estimates of TSA wait times so you know whether to linger over your over-priced coffee or rush straight to security. You can also book Avis rental cars with a couple of clicks.

Available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone, free.


If you've flown much in the past, you'll know that not all seats are created equal, even in coach. Some have a bit more leg room, while others are even more cramped than usual. You could end up seated beside the bathrooms, with all the noise and smell that goes with it, or in a seat that doesn't recline. On a long-haul flight, in particular, small things like this can make a big difference to your flight.

Rather than relying on the check-in staff to give you the best seat (hint: they probably won't), take matters into your own hands with SeatGuru. With maps of over 800 aircraft and 45,000+ reviews, the app uses a simple color-coded system to show good, bad and average seats on your flight, plus detailed information about each one.

Use it to request the seat you'd like, or check out what you've been assigned and ask for a different one if it's no good.

Available on iOS and Android, free.