How to Apply for an Ohio Golden Buckeye Card

The state of Ohio offers residents over 60 years old, and those permanently disabled, thousands of discounts via their Golden Buckeye Card program. Participating retailers include restaurants, dry cleaners, florists, animal hospitals, car repair shops, and lots, lots more. Although you might be shy about using your card to first couple of times, when you see how the savings add up, you'll be showing it whenever you approach a check-out counter.

Difficulty: Easy

Time Required: 15 minutes

Here's How:

  1. If you are a registered driver (or have a state-issued, non-driving ID) in the state of Ohio, the state will send you a Golden Buckeye card when you reach your 60th birthday. If you have a state ID and didn't receive your card, if is likely the DMV has an incorrect address for you. CallĀ 866-301-6446 to verify your information and request a card. If you are new to the state or if you don't have a state ID, you can apply at most Ohio public libraries and senior centers. You must apply in person if you didn't get your card in the mail.
  2. Check the list of participating retailers and start saving money.

What You Need:

  • Proof of age or disability