How to Get an Ohio Golden Buckeye Card

Ohio residents 60 and older save big with this discount card

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If you're relocating to the state of Ohio and are 60 years or older (or disabled), be sure to look into the Golden Buckeye Card program. This card, issued by the state of Ohio Department of Aging, offers residents 60 years and older, and disabled adults age 18 to 59, thousands of discounts via the Golden Buckeye program. Since 1976, cardholders have saved more than $2 billion. More than two million Ohio residents are eligible.

More than 20,000 businesses such as restaurants, dry cleaners, florists, animal hospitals, car repair shops, motels, state park campgrounds, and more participate in the program. Many businesses display the Golden Buckeye logo; if not, ask whether they accept it before making a purchase. Participating businesses accepting the card receive no compensation from the state of Ohio.

If you don't have prescription insurance or if your Medicare Part D doesn't cover a drug, don't worry: The card also includes access to Ohio's Best Rx prescription drug discount program. Get the prescription card by calling 866-923-7879 or printing it out from the Ohio's Best Rx website.

Getting a Golden Buckeye Card is easy and should only take 15 minutes. Once you receive it, you'll soon see how quickly the savings add up. 

Note: The Golden Buckeye Card may only be used by the person named on it.

How to Apply and Start Saving

  1. If you are a registered driver (or have a state-issued, non-driving ID card) in the state of Ohio, the state will automatically send you a Golden Buckeye Card around your 60th birthday. If you have a state ID but didn't receive your card, the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles may have an incorrect address for you. Call 866-301-6446 to verify your information and request a card. If you are new to Ohio or if you don't have a state ID, you can apply at most Ohio public libraries and senior centers. You must apply in person if you didn't get your card in the mail. Allow six to eight weeks to receive your card.
  1. Check the list of participating retailers, print a list by county, or look for the Golden Buckeye logo displayed at businesses.

What You Need to Get a Golden Buckeye Card

  • Proof of age or disability. Acceptable forms are a Medicare card, SSDI documentation, or documentation issued by a state department certifying a disability or public employee retirement.

    What to Do If You Lose Your Card

    If your card is lost, damaged, or stolen, call 866-301-6446 to request a replacement card. You should receive a new card in six to eight weeks.