Apple Picking Near Washington, DC

Things to Know About Picking Apples in the Mid-Atlantic Region

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Apple picking season begins in late August and runs through October in the Mid-Atlantic region. There's nothing better than a crisp juicy apple right off of the tree. There are plenty of places near Washington, DC to pick your own apples. Many of the farms in Maryland and Northern Virginia offer a selection of varieties and recipes for delicious desserts. Apple picking is a fun outdoor activity the whole family can enjoy.
Most Popular Local Apple Varieties

  • Empire - Crisp and excellent for snacks, desserts or salads
  • York - Crisp, firm and tart. Excellent for eating fresh
  • Fuiji - Very firm and sweet
  • Gala - Sweet and very flavorful. A favorite for snacks and salads
  • Jonathan - Moderately tart. Excellent for snacking, salads and cooking
  • Ginger Gold - Sweet, juicy and firm
  • Golden Delicious - Sweet and mellow. Excellent for snacking, salads and cooking
  • Rome - Firm and slightly tart. Excellent for cooking
  • Red Delicious - Sweet and juicy. A favorite for snacks and salads
  • Jonagold - Blend of tart Jonathon and sweet Golden Delicious
  • Stayman -Firm, rich flavor and mildy tart. Great all-purpose apple
  • Mcintosh - Juicy and slightly tart. Great for eating fresh and cooking

Apple picking is easy. Most apple trees have low branches that are easy to reach. Choose apples that are firm and twist from the stem without pulling too hard. Keep apples cool after picking to increase their shelf life.
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