Apple Cider Drink Recipes for a Taste of New England

Alcoholic & Non-Alcoholic Cider Beverages for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Any Time!

Apple Cider Drink
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Take a sip of apple cider and close your eyes. Surely there is no taste that is more evocative of New England on a clear, crisp, golden autumn day.

Whether you're looking to mix some impressive apple cider cocktails to impress company, to warm your insides after a brisk hiking outing, to serve a special beverage at your Halloween or Thanksgiving party or to concoct a punch for the kids, these alcoholic and non-alcoholic apple cider drink recipes are sure to remind you of days spent in New England. Of course, they'll all taste best with fresh New England cider, pressed at one of the region's best cider mills.

Alcoholic Cider Drink Recipes for Adults

Apple Cider Au Pear, a crisp cocktail featuring cider and pear brandy, from professional mixologist Michael Snyder.

Apple Cider Martini, a classic fall cocktail from made with apple brandy and cinnamon clove infused vodka. Garnish with an apple slice for a nice touch.

Allspiced Cider, a fragrant holiday warmer from RecipeLand.

Apple Pie Martini, like dessert in a glass, from The Spruce Eats.

Bourbon Cocktail with Apple Cider, Lemon and Maple Syrup, an authentically New England cocktail recipe from Edible Maine.

Buttered Rum-Spiced Cider, a classic recipe with butter, brown sugar and spices from Betty Crocker.

Cider and Tequila Hot Toddy, a colorful concoction from Recipezaar made with both cider and cranberry juice.

Ciderhouse Whiskey, an intensely flavored concoction from Saveur that requires an investment of time to boil the cider down to a syrup.

Hard Apple Cider, and old-fashioned way to drink apples, from Recipe Cottage.

Hot Apple Cider Streudel, a warm, sweet drink you'll love, from professional mixologist Michael Snyder.

Hot Buttered Cider, with rum, spices and rich buttery smoothness, from Flora's Drink Hideout.

Mulled Cider with Calvados, garnished with Granny Smith apples, from epicurious.

New England Apple Cider & Bourbon Cocktail, an attractive and festive drink with a kick from The Buggy Blog.

The New England Express, an effervescent and apple-y alcoholic punch, from Bon Appetit.

Non-Alcoholic Cider Drinks

Cider Snap, with dissolved Red Cinnamon Candies, from Recipezaar.

Ginger Apple Cider Punch, a family-friendly mocktail from the Bread Booze Bacon blog that's as pretty to serve as it is tasty to drink. Of course, you can add whiskey or bourbon for an adult kick.

Hot Mulled Cider in the Microwave, a quick and easy option, from

Hot Raspberry Cider, a fruity delight, from the Michigan Apple Committee.

Non-Alcoholic Apple Cider Sangria, a sophisticated drink adults and kids can enjoy, from Cook with Manali.

Notchland "Muddled" Cider, an orange-infused variation on mulled cider, from The Notchland Inn in Hart's Location, New Hampshire.

Simple Hot Spiced Cider, from The Spruce's Diana Rattray.

Sparkling Cider, a fun mocktail for kids, from

Wassail Punch, a traditional German beverage, from

More for Apple Fans

If you love cider and apples and all things autumn in New England, plan a trip to pick your own apples at one of the region's orchards. History buffs love seeing America's oldest steam-powered cider mill in operation in Connecticut each fall. Cider is more versatile than you may realize. Instead of serving it in a glass, consider trying one of these recipes for cooking apple cider soups, sides, main dishes or desserts at home.

And here's one more cider cocktail for you to try...

If you want to pour autumn in New England into a glass, try this cocktail recipe from Hotel Vermont Head Bartender Nick Roy. First, you'll need to make pumpkin bourbon, which requires a bit of patience. "I grilled off pumpkin skins and infused them with Smugglers Notch bourbon and let that sit for two weeks," Roy says. Another secret: "I also used Urban Moonshine maple bitters to give it that fall spice aromatic," he says.


  • 2 oz. pumpkin bourbon (instructions above)
  • 2 oz. Vermont apple cider
  • splash of lemon juice
  • 4 dashes of Urban Moonshine maple bitters


Shake ingredients with ice, and strain into a martini glass. Garnish this pumpkin cocktail with cinnamon powder, Roy suggests. Your friends will be impressed.

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