Dreaming of Becoming a Pilot? This App Wants to Give You Free Flight Lessons

App in the Air is searching for the Wright Brothers of the new millennium

Pilot in cockpit of seaplane
Gary John Norman / Getty Images

As frequent flyers, many of us have harbored the fantasy of getting behind the controls of our own private jet and soaring off to our favorite destinations whenever we want. Now, in honor of National Aviation Day and the birthday of Orville Wright, one-half of American aviation pioneers the Wright Brothers, those dreams may just become a reality.

Beginning today, the popular digital travel app App in the Air is launching a contest to find the world's next great pilot. Aviation geeks from the United States and the United Kingdom can enter for a chance to win a private flight lesson with a professional pilot in their home state or county. And in homage to the brothers who started it all, entrants with the surname "Wright" will get an additional bonus entry.

It's the perfect time to celebrate all things air travel. Aug. 19 was officially named National Aviation Day by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1939 to encourage American citizens to participate in activities that promote interest in aviation. The United States, along with travel lovers and flight geeks from around the world, have celebrated the history and development of aviation on this day ever since.

If you're ready to hit the cockpit, all you need to do is head here and share what you love most about aviation. Shouldn't be hard, wright? The competition closes on Sept. 19, when one lucky winner will be chosen at random.

Entrants must have an existing App in the Air account to qualify, so make sure to download the app before you enter.