Looking for an Apartment or Home in New York City—Try Brooklyn

9 Reasons to Move to (or Stay in) Brooklyn

Who's moving to Brooklyn? Everyone. College grads, young couples, new families, screenwriters, businesspeople, dreamers, graduate students, artists of all stripes, restaurateurs, professionals. Global citizens, immigrants and people from New Jersey. A decade ago, some Manhattanites wouldn’t be caught dead living in a brownstone in Carroll Gardens or Prospect Heights. The simple arithmetic of real estate has been a driving force; you can get more space and a better location in Brooklyn than in Manhattan. Brooklyn’s the place to be.

There are probably 100 reasons to move to Brooklyn. Here are nine.

Best Months to Look for an Apartment in Brooklyn

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    Forget Manhattan Skyscrapers

    Manhattan Skyline
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    In Brooklyn you can see sky.

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    You Can Train for Jobs and Get an Education in Brooklyn

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    You can study law, medicine, architecture, design, Chinese or become an EMT in Brooklyn.

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    You Can Stay in Brooklyn on the Weekends for Movies, Music, Culture, Bars, Fun

    Montreal concerts ion October 2016 include Gov't Mule.
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    Sure, Manhattan is a world-class cultural center.  But you don't have to face the city's hustle bustle every weekend. You can feed your inner culture vulture with visits to the Brooklyn Museum of Art, Brooklyn Academy of Music, St. Ann's Warehouse, concerts in the parks, and also literary readings, story-telling and poetry slams.

    And, if it's indie culture that moves you, there's plenty of entertainment, for instance:

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    The Beach is Just a Subway Ride Away

    Coney Island
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    Take the train to Coney Island or Brighton Beach. Or take the Long Island Railroad from Atlantic Terminal straight to the famous Atlantic Ocean and Long Island Sound beaches of Long Island. 

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    You Can Jog, Walk and Walk A Dog in Brooklyn Parks—They're Just Not That Crowded

    Prospect Park
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    • For splendid isolation, head to the Coney Island Boardwalk at dawn.
    • For inspiration, go to DUMBO, where the views of the water, Manhattan, and the bridges never, ever get old.
    • For convivial jogging, running and biking, try Prospect Park. For soccer, head to Red Hook.
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    Brooklyn's parks are abundant, and not too crowded to use. And, in the summer, most of them have free or almost free concerts and movies every weekend.

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    Not Only Will You Know Your Neighbors ...

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    You might end up having keys to each others' apartments.

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    Your Apartment Might Even Have a Little Back Yard.

    Backyard in the city
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    With a tree, of course.

    (Why? Because ​​A Tree Grows in Brooklyn)

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    Live Hyper-Local

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    Communities in Brooklyn really exist, neighborhood by neighborhood. 

    • Brooklyn divides naturally into dozens of distinct, walkable neighborhoods, each with its own history and style, sometimes with a distinct ethnic flavor. Many of Manhattan’s wonderful quirky old neighborhoods have been gentrified out of existence. But they’re going strong here, and, as a result, Brooklyn’s bursting with diversity and personality. The neighborhoods make Brooklyn a spectacular place to grow up, to raise a family, to live a life. When you come from Brooklyn and a specific neighborhood in Brooklyn, you are coming from somewhere.​

    • Discover Brooklyn's classic Italian neighborhoods
    • Experience the Best of Williamsburg
    • Explore Greenpoint, where Polish immigrants and 20-something hipsters mingle
    • Have a laugh at Park Slope, which is so gentrified it's even spawned a blog of locals who make fun ... of themselves.
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    And everything—food, clothes, rent—is cheaper than in Manhattan.

    Buying Clothes
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    Interested? Find out how to find an apartment in Brooklyn. And, if you're not sure, it's always an eye opener to stay with a friend or in a hotel or bed and breakfast for a few days, and live like a local.

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    Brooklyn Offers Lots of Things to Do, Whatever the Season

    Mermaid Parade
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    Enjoy First Saturdays at the Brooklyn Museum, lectures at the Brooklyn Public Library, the views of the Statue of Liberty from Red Hook, bike riding in Prospect Park, a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, the West Indian American Labor Day Parade, and the Mermaid Parade—all free.

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