Annual Zombie Walk

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    Zombie Ballerina

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    Every August, residents of Louisville and visitors alike dress up like zombies. The originally took place on Michael Jackson's birthday, 8/29. Using the numbers in Jackson's birthday as inspiration, the walk begins at 8:29 p.m. The Louisville Zombie Walk is now held annually on the LAST Saturday of August. For more info visit the Louisville Zombie Walk website. Simply get anywhere near Bardstown Rd. that night, you are sure to see the undead.

    If you want to join in the fun, check out this article on How to Dress Like a Zombie.

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    Zombie Bride

    ••• Image © Mali Anderson

    The walk starts at Mid City Mall at 1250 Bardstown Rd. Gathering in the parking lot, zombies and fans of the genre talk, trade costume notes, and take photos of one another. Once the walk gets started, dressed up zombies shuffle and until they stop at The Monkey Wrench. There is a celebratory zombie street party at The Monkey Wrench that continues out on the street and into the night.

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    Zombie Duos

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    Want to bring a friend? Of course, and you absolutely should. You don't have to zombie alone! Many who dress up attend the festivities in groups. There are kids dressed up with parents, couples dressed up as zombie brides and grooms, and groups of friends who all meet in the Mid City Mall parking lot but everyone dresses as they please. Part of the challenge (and fun) is creating your own original costume of a classic horror character: the zombie.

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    Zombie Elvis

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    Of course, some take their zombie ideas from other famous icons. Yes, there are celebrity zombies. Elvis zombies are a popular choice. Old Elvis zombies and young Elvis zombies are often in attendance.

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    Zombie Santa

    ••• Image © Mali Anderson

    Elvis not your style? Don't worry there are plenty of other famous zombie types. Yes, even Santa zombies. Here is a Kris Kringle zombie in attendance, complete with zombie Mrs. Claus.

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    Zombie Family

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    Ok, it is true, you will hear plenty of talk at the Zombie Walk, but, that said, the purists will point out that the undead don't talk. So, since zombies groan rather than talk, some zombies carry signs to enhance their costumes. Here are some more ideas, if you are still curious to learn more about these event, there is more information on the page What is a Zombie Walk?

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    Zombie Girl

    ••• Image © Mali Anderson

    As the event has grown, some entrepreneurs have gotten in on the fun. Stands are set up for attendees who have forgotten to put make up on, or for others seeking a bit of fake blood expertise. So, you can even get zombie ready at the event, if you didn't have time (or the energy) to get zombiefied at home. 

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    Zombie Eyes

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    Contact lenses that change the eye color were a popular part of many costumes. Making them extra ccrreeeepppyyyyy. All of these supplies can be found at a Louisville costume shop. Here is a list of where to buy costumes, and costume supplies, in the Louisville area. 

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    Zombie Guy

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    Some participants had on more elaborate make-up than others, and some are funny and charming while others are truly scary. Here are some tips on How to Dress Like a Zombie, if you are interested in participating in the Zombie Walk.

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    Zombie Madness

    ••• Image © Mali Anderson

    In character, zombies go to high points to get good photos of the crowd! Friends help friends get the best view of the crowd. Plus, this photographer poses for a camera between getting his own shots. Truly a good Zombie Walk participant!

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    Zombie Nurses

    ••• Image © Mali Anderson

    A group effort is seen in this horde of nurse zombies! Here the nurses head out of the parking lot and venture to Bardstown for the zombie walk. (Yup, that is Valu Market in the background, one of the best grocery stores in Louisville.)

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    Zombie Walk

    ••• Image © Mali Anderson

    The walk begins at Mid City Mall and continues until the 1000 block of Barret Ave. A huge block party awaits those who want to stay up late and dance like a zombie.

    These photos were taken at the 2013 Zombie Attack. If you are interested in attending, be sure to get your costume ready!