Annual Fall Festivals in Washington State

Autumn Leaf Festival Grand Parade in Leavenworth, WA. courtesy of Leavenworth Chamber of Commerce

Fall is a great time for road trips and weekend getaways in Washington State. Much of September and October can be sunny and dry, making street fairs and outdoor events pleasant. A fun fall festival may be all the reason you need to plan that trip. Here are some of Washington's best annual fairs and festivals that take place during September, October, or November.

Fall-themed Festivals in Washington State

Colorful foliage and the autumn harvest are well worth celebrating. Fairs and festivals themed around these things take place all around Washington State. These festivals often focus on regional food and drink, making them an extra fun way to get to know Washington. Then there are those annual beer-and-sausage events, the Oktoberfests.

Washington State Autumn Leaf Festival in Leavenworth (September)

This long-running festival brings a grand parade complete with royalty and marching bands, food-related contests, children's activities, and live music to Leavenworth, a town worth visiting any time of year.

Taste of the Harvest Festival in Wenatchee (September)

Head to sunny Eastern Washington to enjoy this harvest festival, where you'll be able to enjoy a harvest market, crafts booths, children's activities, beer and wine tastings, food booth, live music and a fun run.

Green Bluff Apple Festival in Spokane (September and October)

Spokane's Green Bluff farms and orchards host this apple harvest celebration, complete with fresh apple products like cider and baked goods. Other festival fun includes mazes, crafts booths, kiddie train rides, a BBQ, and pumpkin picking. The Apple Festival fun takes place over several weekends in late September and October.

Fresh Hop Ale Festival in Yakima (October)

Hops are used to make beer, and most of US hops are grown in and around Yakima, Washington. Ales made with fresh hops are prized among beer aficionados and are something that many look forward to each year. Yakima's Fresh Hop Ale Festival is a complete community festival including not only beer and beer tasting but other local foods and beverages along with crafts booths and live entertainment.

Fall Country Fairs in Washington State

These good old-fashioned country fairs feature traditional favorites like farm critters, home and hobby competitions, commercial booths, carnival rides, and fattening treats. Many take place during August, but here are those that occur later in the season.

Dungeness Crab & Seafood Festival in Port Angeles (October)

The Olympic Peninsula community of Port Angeles celebrates the bounty of the sea each fall with crab feeds, chowder cookoffs, a grab-a-crab tank, and chef demonstrations. In addition to all the seafood, there are arts and crafts booths, a fun run, artist competitions, a wine and beer garden, and live entertainment.

Whatcom Artist Studio Tour in Bellingham and Whatcom County (October)

An artist studio tour is a fun way to drive country backroads and to discover new parts of Washington. Every October, Whatcom County artists and craftsman open their studios to the public during two weekends.

One Sky, One World Kite Festival in Long Beach (October)

Coinciding with kite flying events around the world, the One Sky, One World kite festival advocates for peace and makes a colorful time to visit Washington's Long Beach peninsula.