Perfect Places for an Anniversary Getaway

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The best anniversary trip is one without kids and distractions. If you can afford it, splurge on a great resort, an ocean cruise, or a place you've always dreamed of visiting.

Some months are better than others for different reasons; for example, you might want to avoid the Caribbean during the hurricane season in the summer.

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January Anniversary Getaway

Aspen block


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If you and your honey are snow bunnies, then January is usually a great month to hit the slopes. Ski resorts are fully geared up, all you need is some fresh powder and hot cocoa. You might want to book a room with a fireplace or a jacuzzi to get cozy with your love.

Consider a trip to Vail or Aspen, Colorado; Whistler in Vancouver;  Lake Tahoe; or even Vermont, it's for lovers, too. Ski resorts cater to all types of vacations—including romance.

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February Anniversary Getaway

Riviera Maya

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In most parts of the U.S., February is one of the coldest. For this reason, February is probably the best month to make like a bird and head south for the winter. You can shed your layers the minute you board the plane and not worry about a coat or mittens until your trip is over.

Consider a visit to Cancun or the Riviera Maya. This is also a good time to visit the Bahamas, too. Valentine's Day is celebrated all over the world, so if you are away during the holiday, you're sure to find some extra romantic dining options while abroad.

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March Anniversary Getaway

Las Vegas strip

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If your anniversary falls in March, depending on where you are in the country, it can still be pretty cold up north. You might want to think about a trip to Las Vegas if you've been meaning to get there with your beloved. The weather there in March is glorious. Another plus: The town will have the room, suite, or experience that will suit you, so just ask and you will find it there.

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April Anniversary Getaway

Coastline of Oahu, Hawaii


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Hawaii is your spot for April. The rainy season should be done and the weather should be at its best. While spring breakers usually hit a lot of the other continental U.S. beach locales, Hawaii usually stays out of the crosshairs of college kids due to its heftier cost. If you're the type of couple that loves to venture out, then Hawaii is the place for you. 

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May Anniversary Getaway

Grand Canal in Venice, Italy


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Europe is calling you and your sweetheart in May. The weather usually cooperates, the flowers are in bloom, and the promise of a bustling summer excites Europeans. It's best to get to London, Paris, Dublin, Venice, or Barcelona in May before the summer crowds.

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June Anniversary Getaway

Safari in Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa


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If you have never been to Africa but have always wanted to visit, then visit Cape Town and go on a safari. June is a great month to do it.

A safari shared with your love is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Come June, it's winter in Africa since the seasons are reversed south of the equator. In most African countries, it doesn't get very cold; it gets comfortable and the rainy season is over. 

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July Anniversary Getaway

Vancouver skyline

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For a majority of the U.S., July has some of the hottest temperatures. This is a good time to head north. Consider visiting Vancouver, Canada, for tons of activities outdoors, or Juneau, Alaska, for prime humpback whale watching season.

If you want to leave the continent altogether, head over to Oslo, Norway, or one of the other Scandinavian countries. The weather is perfect there in July averaging in the mid-70s F. The Scandinavians got it right when they invented spa culture—a couples massage for two is just the thing to get you relaxed with your love.

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August Anniversary Getaway

Lake Coeur d'Alene in Idaho

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August is the month of state fairs throughout the U.S. Have you ever considered a staycation? Take a road trip with your significant other to a mountain resort with lakes where you can take a dip or hike trails that lead to romantic waterfalls.

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September Anniversary Getaway

Boat along a canal near Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam


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If you haven't had a chance to visit Europe yet, the start of fall is another good time of year to see any of the major cities in Europe including Rome, Amsterdam, and Prague. The weather is beginning to cool down, the crowds are starting to thin out, it's an ideal time to see the sights and soak in the charm and romance of the old world cities.

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October Anniversary Getaway

Staircase leading to winery, Napa Valley, California


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In the fall, the leaves are changing colors, the foliage beckons couples to go for country drives. This season is also the time of the wine harvest. Head over to California wine country, stay in a romantic bed and breakfast, and go for wine tastings during the day.

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November Anniversary Getaway

Horseshoe Bend, Arizona

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The further you go south or toward the desert, the warmer it will be. November is a prime time for a visit to get-your-blood-pumping Miami or the beaches along the coast of Florida.

Or, instead, you can marvel hand-in-hand at the sweeping vistas of the Southwest like the Red Rocks of Arizona. If you've been thinking about a trip to the Grand Canyon, weather wise, November is a great time of year to do just that.

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Cruise ship moored at Grand Turk Island, Tursk and Caicos, Caribbbean


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Book a cruise in December. Christmas and New Years cruises are a popular choice. Fly down to a southern U.S. port city like Miami and take a Western or Eastern Caribbean cruise. The hurricane season is over, so soak in the sun before the winter season fully sets in.

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