Top Anna Nicole Smith Tour Sights in the Bahamas

The death of model and B-movie actress Anna Nicole Smith and the subsequent battle over custody of her daughter Dannielynn have made headlines all over the world. In the Bahamas, the legal case had so much of an impact on the local community, some dubbed it, "Hurricane Anna Nicole." It also has spurred a tourism mini-boom in the Bahamas, where Smith lived and where much of the courtroom drama played out, and, where Smith died in the hospital in 2007 from an accidental drug overdose. 

"The story is being reconfigured in the Bahamian way," said Felix Bethel of the College of the Bahamas. "'We are sorry that she is dead, but look at the tourists!'" To that end, here's a quick guide to some of the sights associated with the star's sad demise; local taxi companies can arrange tours and prices vary.

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    Horizons Estate

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    Located on Eastern Road in Nassau, this is the million-dollar seaside mansion where Anna Nicole lived while in the Bahamas, and hoped to settle down with her boyfriend Howard K. Stern and baby daughter, Dannielynn. This is also where her reality show, "The Anna Nicole Show" was filmed. 

    In 2013, the estate was finally sold for $1.3 million, with all proceeds going to her then 6-year old daughter. 

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    The Nassau hospital where Anna Nicole gave birth to her daughter, Dannielynn, on Sept. 7, 2006. The Bahamian doctors listed the father on the birth certificate as Howard K. Stern. This is also where Anna Nicole's son Daniel was found dead at her bedside of an accidental drug overdose three days afterward. Daniel's death led to an investigation of the hospital, and an even more critical investigation of the Bahamas Coroner's Court, as the cause of death was never officially stated, though it was eventually determined by a U.S. pathologist that the death was a result of mixing too many drugs.

    Located at Collins Avenue and Shirley Street in downtown Nassau, near the Queen's Staircase.

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    Mount Horeb Baptist Church

    Andrew Leighton/AP

    Nassau church where Anna Nicole's funeral was held on March 2, 2007. The 300 invited guests included a film crew from Entertainment Tonight. According to funeral attendees, her funeral was "over the top," and included musical performances and a huge collection of pink flowers in her honor. 

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    The cemetery where Anna Nicole and her son Daniel are buried. This has become the most popular Anna Nicole related tourist stop in the Bahamas. Located on John F. Kennedy Drive -- the road connecting the Nassau airport to downtown Nassau. In fact, the foot traffic to this site is so high, the groundskeepers at the cemetery have had to work extra hard to keep up with the landscaping, with more people than ever before visiting this particular final resting place. 

    If you should decide to stop here on your trip, do remember: this is a cemetery, not a tourist hub, so be respectful. 

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    The pastel-pink Nassau courthouse where much of the custody battle over Dannielynn played out, including the hearing where DNA testing led to a judge ruling that Larry Birkhead – a photographer who had worked with Smith on her Guess ad campaigns–, not Smith's boyfriend Howard K. Stern (or Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband, Prince Frederick von Anhalt) was the girl's biological father. Birkhead now stands to inherit a share of Anna Nicole's estate (as guardian of Dannielynn) from late husband and billionaire J. Howard Marshall.

    Located on Bank Lane, Nassau; visitors are welcome.