How to Meet Anna and Elsa from "Frozen" at Disney World

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    Don't Get "Frozen" Out

    Five-hour wait time to see Anna and Elsa. Suzanne Rowan Kelleher

    You've saved up for a trip to Disney World and your kid desperately wants to meet Anna and Elsa from "Frozen." Don't leave it up to chance, or you just may get frozen out.

    I snapped this photo at 1:45pm on Thursday, May 1, 2014. At the time, Anna and Elsa were available for a character experience from 9am-5pm. As you can see, the wait to see Anna and Elsa was 300 minutes long. It wasn't school break or a holiday, just an ordinary spring day—a weekday at that—when school was in session. 

    Update: Since this photo was taken, Disney has extended the hours when Anna and Elsa are available to meet guests at Princess Fairytale Hall during the Magic Kingdom's opening hours, usually 9am-11:30pm. In summer 2014, Disney introduced a new return-time ticket system for standby guests and wait times have lessened considerably.

    Want to meet the wildly popular princesses? Click through for strategies.

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    Plan A: Use FastPass+

    Ali Nasser/Walt Disney Parks

    Anna and Elsa spend every day from 9am to 11:30pm at Princess Fairytale Hall in the new Fantasyland inside the Magic Kingdom. With the  My Disney Experience planning system, you can reserve a guaranteed meeting with the sisters with FastPass+ even before you leave home. 

    If you're staying at a Disney hotel and book your park tickets in advance, you can book your FastPass+ up to 60 days in advance. If you're not staying at a Disney hotel but have purchased your Disney World park tickets, you can book your FastPass+ up to 30 days in advance.

    If at first you can't land a FastPass, keep trying. People can and do change their FastPass+ times, so times do open up. Also, try looking for the bare number of FastPasses your family needs. For example, if meeting Anna and Elsa a must-do for your young daughter but your teen son couldn't care less, then try to book just two FastPasses, for your daughter and one adult. It will likely be easier than finding FastPasses...MORE for the whole family.

    If you are still coming up empty, click through for Plan B and Plan C. 

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    Plan B: Go During Extra Magic Hours

    Anna and Elsa in Princess Fairytale Hall. Matt Stroshane/Walt Disney Parks

    In addition to their usual daily all-day visiting hours at Princess Fairytale Hall, Anna and Elsa also greet visitors from 8am to 9am at least one day per week during Extra Magic Hours in the Magic Kingdom. If you are staying at a Disney hotel, you can take advantage of Extra Magic Hours and visit the princesses then.

    Every day, one of the four Walt Disney World theme parks opens one hour early. Check the Extra Magic Hours calendar to find out when the Magic Kingdom offers the extra hours during your visit.

    On that day, arrive before 8am so you can be at the park entrance. When the rope drops, go straight to Princess Fairytale Hall. Being there first thing in the morning is your best shot at getting to meet the princesses. 

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    Plan C: Wing It, But Before Noon

    Gene Duncan/Walt Disney Parks

    If you're not staying at a Disney resort or you won't be at Disney World on a day when the Magic Kingdom has Extra Magic Hours, then your next-best bet is to get to Princess Fairytale Hall as early in the morning as you can manage. 

    Update: In summer 2014, in a limited time test, Disney began distributing special paper tickets in the morning with return times (similar to the old FastPasses) to guests without a FastPass+. These tickets are provided on a first-come, first-served basis. They effectively eliminate the standby line that used to grow extremely long as the day went on.

    Now, you either get a Fastpass+ reservation and wait in the Fastpass+ return queue, or you get a new paper ticket in the morning and return at the designated time to wait in the old return queue. There are a limited number of return-time tickets each day and when they run out, they are gone. So it's important to get there as early in the morning as possible.

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    Bonus: See Anna & Elsa in Disney World's Newest Parade

    Anna and Elsa in the Festival of Fantasy Parade. Matt Stroshane/Walt Disney Parks

    As a bonus, you can get another good view of Anna and Elsa in the new Festival of Fantasy Parade, which begins every afternoon at 3pm in the Magic Kingdom. If you like, you can even book a prime viewing spot with FastPass+. 

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