Adopt a Pet at These Raleigh-Durham Animal Shelters

6 in Triangle Area

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Animal shelters in the Raleigh-Durham area are the place to go if you want to adopt a dog, cat or other pets. They are also the place to leave your pet if you can no longer take care of it, for whatever the reason. Get ready to lose your heart to one of these animals who need a home. Here's a list of Triangle-area animal shelters.

Chatham County

Chatham County Animal Shelter
The Chatham County Animal Shelter enforces North Carolina laws on animal control and cares for strays and animals that have been brought to the shelter by pet owners who can no longer care for them. All adopted animals are spayed or neutered. The shelter needs donations of pet food and animal sprays for flea and tick control.

Chatham Animal Rescue & Education, Inc.
Chatham Animal Rescue, originally the Chatham Humane Society, takes care of strays and surrendered pets until they are adopted into a caring home. Its mission is to promote the health and safety of all cats and dogs. It is a private, no-kill organization. Donations to Chatham Animal Rescue are tax-deductible. 

Durham County

Animal Protection Society of Durham
The Animal Protection Society of Durham, taking care of animals in the Durham community since 1970, has also managed the Durham County Animal Shelter since 1990. The society says it cares for about 6,000 strays, abandoned, surrendered, neglected and abused pets every year. It is a non-profit organization and relies on tax-deductible contributions for its operating expenses to shelter, feed and care for the animals that come to the shelter. The society is also a source of information to all pet owners about housing, spaying and neutering, and dog and cat care.

Johnston County

Johnston County Animal Services
Johnston County Animal Services is a division of the government of Johnston County. This shelter allows adoptions by non-North Carolina residents if the animal is picked up at the shelter. The shelter offers discounts on spay and neutering services for adopted pets.

Johnston County SPCA
The Johnston County SPCA is a non-profit organization that depends on donations and volunteers to do its work; these donations are tax-deductible. It gives temporary homes and care to stray, abused and neglected pets and strives to find them all loving homes. This shelter has specific adoption rules: Dogs can only go to homes that have fences or will stay inside only, and cats can only be adopted by owners who will keep them inside. All animals are spayed or neutered and up to date on all vaccinations before they are adopted; all these costs are paid by the person adopting the animal.

Orange County

Orange County Animal Shelter: 
This shelter is part of the Animal Services Department of Orange County, and its duties include both animal control and sheltering of strays and surrendered pets and offering animals for adoption. Its mission is to ensure the health of residents, pets, and the community. Even if you don't want to adopt a pet yourself, you can help by paying for someone else to adopt a pet who otherwise could not afford to do so by being the sponsor of the adoption fee of any animal. It's got an Animal Cam so you can watch the pets at the shelter in real time. The shelter also offers low-cost rabies vaccinations, microchips, spaying, and neutering and enforces all laws that apply to animals.

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