Angela Brown

Angela loves traveling the Northwest US, learning about new places and activities and sharing what she learns with others. She has been writing about life, travel, and recreation in the Northwest since 2000.


Angela was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and currently resides in the Seattle area. Although she has sampled living in other areas of the US, Angela keeps returning to Washington State. She has lived in locations both east and west of the Cascade Mountain Range and has traveled extensively throughout the Northwest, experiencing its natural beauty, colorful history, and dynamic culture first hand.


Angela Brown holds a BA in Arts, Media, & Culture from University of Washington - Tacoma and a BSE in Chemical Engineering from Arizona State University. Although she didn't finish there, Angela spent most of her undergraduate years at Washington State University in Pullman; her first loyalties are to the WSU Cougars. She has also obtained a certificate in Interactive Multimedia and is a Certified Usability Analyst. Angela has recently earned an MA degree in Humanities; her thesis was on the history of early tourism in the Pacific Northwest.

Angela Brown

The Northwestern United States is an incredibly rich and diverse region of the world. Filled with interesting characters, scenic wonders, and fascinating history and culture, the Northwest has something for every taste and every interest. I love the Northwest and I want to convince everyone else to love it too.

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