Andalusia Tours From Seville

Explore southern Spain from its finest city

Seville is a vacation in itself. You could spend a week here and never need to leave the city. There’s great flamenco, bullfighting (if that’s your thing), some of the best tapas in Spain and several beautiful barrios to explore.

But you’re in Andalusia, so why not take advantage of the other cities in the area? In the past it was only possible to do a Day Trip from Seville, but some tour companies are starting to bring in some two- and three-day tours of Andalusia. However, for a tour of the rest of the country, you'll need to head to Madrid or Malaga.

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    The Best Places to Visit (and How Long to Spend There)

    Enjoying the Alhambra in Granada
    Image: Jesus Solana/Creative Commons (Some Rights Reserved)

    Granada and Cordoba are the most popular cities in Andalusia (after Seville). Granada in particular is worth making a beeline for. After that, the pueblo blanco of Ronda is worth a day trip. 

    If time permits, I would suggest the following breakdown of your trip:

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    Trying to cram everything in Granada into one day would be a mean feat, so I’d recommend an overnight stop there. There’s a two-day Granada trip on this page that fits the bill here. Take a day trip to Ronda: because the town is quite difficult to get to, I’d recommend a guided tour to get the most of your day.

    Cordoba also deserves a day, but you could easily visit this city without a tour as there is plenty of transport (the high-speed AVE train connects Seville to Cordoba (on the Madrid to Seville line). But if you’re considering both Granada and Cordoba, there is a three-day tour that visits both cities.

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    But I don't have six days in Andalusia!

    Life is short and our vacations are even shorter. In which case, here are my suggestions for how to use your time when traveling from Seville (first you have to decide how many days you can spare).

    When you only have spare one day for excursions: 

    • Do a
    • Do a .

    When you have two days for excursions: 

    • Do a and a
    • Do a and take the train from Seville to Cordoba to explore by yourself
    • Do a

    When you have three days for excursions

    • Do a and a
    • Do the

    And what about Malaga? You might be surprised to learn that there aren’t any tours from Seville to Malaga. But don’t worry, you’re not missing out on much. Malaga’s inhabitants hate it when I say this, but there just isn’t that much to set Malaga apart from the other cities on this page.

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    One-Day Tours from Seville

    Alhambra in Granada
    Image: (c) Damian Corrigan

    Take a one-day guided tour and be back in your ‘own’ hotel room in time for tapas. These tours are a great way to explore Andalusia without carting your luggage around with you. 

    Granada and Ronda are my two favourites cities from the list below. However, just one day in Granada is a bit of a rush: I’d recommend the two-day tour for a visit to the Alhambra. 

    The day trip to Granada from Seville gives you a guided tour of both the city and the fabulous Alhambra hilltop fortress are included. You also have time to explore on your own (hint: try the tapas, these  morsels of food come free with your drink here!).

    As Alhambra tickets are such a pain to get hold of (they often sell out weeks in advance, and then there's the standing in line to get them), this tour is an excellent way to see one of the highlights of Spain, without the usual hassle.

    Ronda Day Trip from Seville
    Visit Spain's most famous pueblo blanco (white village). Built atop a deep ravine and the home of bullfighting, Ronda is also a great place to try locally produced wine.

    Ronda is difficult to get to by public transport, especially from Seville, so a guided tour is an ideal way to get to the town.

    The one-day trip features a tour of the Mezquita (great mosque), one of the highlights of the region, as well as a visit the nearby city of Cormona, with its breathtaking panoramic views of the Andalusian countryside.

    Jerez and Cadiz Day Trip from Seville
    Cadiz and Jerez are located virtually side by side in the south of Andalusia and are conveniently close to Seville, making this tour a nice trip for those who don't like spending a long time traveling.

    The fact that two cities are included in a single day means that the logistics of getting from A to B to C and back to A again in the same day become a lot easier.

    Gibraltar is an oddity: a British enclave stuck in a time warp. The UK and Spain squabble over this rock like characters in Game of Thrones and the mentality in Gibraltar itself is not much more modern: image a quaint 1960s British town, but on the coast of Spain. Oh, and there are some cute monkeys here.

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    Two-Day Tours from Seville

    Image: (c) Damian Corrigan

    If you don’t want to race back to Seville after just a few hours, these two-day excursions could be more up your alley. My personal favourite here is the Granada tour. Granada is a city that definitely warrants an extra day. You’ll get a little spare time of your own to properly explore the city. 

    The Cordoba tour is also good, particularly if you want to see the additional sights added into the tour, but you can get almost as much of the trip from the one-day tour (above). 

    On this two-day trip, you'll have a guided tour of the city of Granada on your first day, with a tour of the Alhambra on your second, with a lot more free time to explore the city than you have on the one-day trip. Accommodation is at a three- or four- star hotel.

    Get to know the city you're starting off in before you go and explore the rest of the region.

    Adds in a little more time in Cordoba and a visit to the Medina Azahara, one of Spain's most important archeological findings.

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    Three-Day Tours from Seville

    Image: Ronda Tourist Board

    Stretch your legs for a few days with a three-day tour.

    Three-Day Tour of Seville, Cordoba and Granada 
    This tour includes a night in each of the three cities (with three- or four-star hotels in each and takes in all the most popular sights in each place.

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    And for exploring further afield...

    Las Ramblas in Barcelona
    Image: Damian Corrigan

    There are no tours starting in Seville that I know of that go any further than Granada. For tours of the whole of Spain, you’ll need to start in Malaga, Madrid or Barcelona. Out of these three cities, it’s easiest to get to Madrid.