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    What's on when in Andalusia?

    Andalusia Events
    Images: Ferminius, Barcex, Dominic's Pics, Victoria Peckham, Mataparda, Laura Suarez, Damian Corrigan/Creative Commons (Some Rights Reserved)

    Andalusia is Spain's most popular region, with Malaga airport providing an excellent arrival point for visiting the cities of Seville, Granada and Cordoba, as well as the beaches of the Costa del Sol. 

    Andalusia has exciting events all year round. Semana Santa (Spain's version of Easter) is at its most flamboyant in the south of Spain. Seville and Malaga both have excellent street parties. And there's numerous flamenco festivals throughout the year. 

    So even if the weather is gloomy (it can happen!) and the beaches are empty, Andalusia will still have plenty to do.

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    • January 1-2 
      La Toma de Granada
      Where? Granada.
      What? A small celebration of when Ferdinand and Isabella marched into the city of Granada and the Moorish rulers surrendered.
    • Late January - Early February
      Gibraltar Chess Congress Where? Gibraltar (UK)
      What? Pop across the border for this chess tournament and masterclass series.
    • Late January - Early February Flamenco Fashion Show
      What? See the latest designs in flamenco dresses.


    • First Sunday of February San Cecilio festival
      What? A gypsy festival in the Sacromonte area of Granada. The whole city converges on the Sacromonte monastery where there is lots of partying and some flamenco performances. There is little online evidence of this festival and I have not attended it in person, so check locally before you get your hopes up!
    • February 14 - Valentine's Day
      Where? All over the world!
      What? Lovers go out for dinner and buy chocolates. If you're a bit more adventurous than that, check out these Valentine's Day in Spain Ideas
    • Late February - Early March - Jerez Flamenco Festival
      Where? Jerez 
      What? One of Spain's largest flamenco festivals.
    • Late February - early March  Old Music Festival 
      Where? Seville
      What? Baroque and classical music festival.
    • Late February - Seville Marathon
      Where? Seville
      What? It's a marathon, through the gorgeous streets of Seville.
    • Week before Lent Carnival
      Where? All over Spain. Click on the above link for more details.
      What? It's Carnival time! Spain's two main gay communities, Chueca in Madrid and Sitges near Barcelona , are the stars of the shows here. Cadiz and Tenerife also host famous processions.


    Depending on when Easter falls, either Semana Santa will be in March or several of the events above will fall in this month. 

    Semana Santa

    Where? All over Spain.
    What? Semana Santa completely dominates Spain in March, so no matter where you are, there'll be something to commemorate the Resurrection. See my Semana Santa to give you a flavor of what you may see on your travels. Seville and Toledo are popular places to experience Semana Santa. Read more: Semana Santa Cities


    • Early to mid-April Malaga de Festival
      Where? Malaga, Andalusia.
      What? Arts festival that acts as a kind of extended pre-festival to the Malaga film festival that starts on the 20th.
    • Spring - Open de Espana
      What? Golf tournament.
    • After Easter Spring festival
      Where? Murcia, south-east Spain.
      What? Street festival because the Murcians refuse to let Easter die...
    • Late April - Festival de Malaga
      Where? Malaga.
      What? Spanish-language film festival.
    • After Easter: Feria de Sevilla 
      Where? Seville, in Andalusia.
      What? Food, drink, music and lots of dancing. Note: bullfighting for the event in 2012 was canceled due to lack of funds; this may occur again.


    • Early May - Cruces de Mayo
      Where? Cordoba, Andalusia.
      What? Cordoba has the first of its two festivals this month. This festival features a competition for the best-decorated patio. Also popular in Alicante and Granada.
    • A week in May - Jerez Horse Fair
      Where? Jerez in Andalusia.
      What? A celebration of the famous horses of Jerez. 
    • Early May - SOS Festival
      What? Alternative music festival with a focus on Spanish acts.
    • Mid-May - Noche en Blanca
      Where? Malaga
      What? A night of cultural activities. Museums stay open later (and usually have free entry) and other festivities for night owls.
    • Mid-May - Territorios Sevilla
      Where? Seville.
      What? World music festival.
    • Late May - Cordoba Festival
      Where? Cordoba, Andalusia.
      What? General city festivities. There is also a bullfighting festival to coincide.
    • Late May - Vinoble Wine Exhibition
      Where? Jerez in Andalusia.
      What? A celebration of sweet and dessert wines in Jerez, the home of sherry.
    • Late May - Feria de la Manzanilla
      Where? Sanlucar de Barrameda, Andalusia.
      What? If you like your sherry, this should be up your street, as the locals drink vast quantities of their celebrated local alcoholic beverage!
    • Weekend before Pentecost Monday  (can be in June) Pilgrimage of the Virgen del Rocio
      Where? El Rocio, Andalusia.
      What? There are a number of religious pilgrimages in Spain, but this is one of the biggest.


    • Mid June Sevilla Circada 
      What? Circus Festival. 
    • Late June Algeciras fair 
      Where? Algeciras on the south coast.
      What? Local festivities.
    • Mid-June Noche en Blanca de Flamenco
      Where? Cordoba
      What? (Mostly) free flamenco concerts throughout the night.
    • Mid-June to early July International Festival of Music and Dance
      Where? Granada
      What? A celebration of flamenco and classical music that attracts some excellent musicians.
    • June 23-25 Fiesta del Agua y Jamon
      Lanjarón, in the Alpujarras region near Granada
      What? Water and Ham Festival, the town's two most famous exports. The water festival is just an excuse for a giant water fight. Revellers from all over the country take to the streets with buckets and water pistols. Then they feast on locally-produced ham. A novel event that is worth a visit.
    • Last Saturday in June - Potaje Gitano
      Utrera, near Seville.
      What? Flamenco festival
    • Corpus Christi  (date varies each year)
      Where? All over Spain.
      What? Traditional religious festival, but in Castrillo de Murcia they hold the Colacho Baby-Jumping Festival (date of Colacho TBC). 
    • Late June-Early July Festival Internacional de Musica y Danza
      What? Music and dance festival.
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    Summer and Fall  in Andalusia

    Andalusia Events
    Images: Ferminius, Barcex, Dominic's Pics, Victoria Peckham, Mataparda, Laura Suarez, Damian Corrigan/Creative Commons (Some Rights Reserved)



    • Vuelta a España 
      Where? Stages take place largely in the north of Spain (Galicia, Navarra, Basque Country and Catalonia) and around Madrid. 
      What? Spain's version of the Tour de France. Dates vary year to year but tend to straddle August and September.


    • Bienal de Flamenco,
      Where? Seville
      What? Important flamenco festival. Festival is every two years, in even years. (2006, 2008, etc).
    • Late September - Early October -  Marbella Film Festival
      Marbella, Costa del Sol.
      What? Film festival.


    • Mid-October San Pedro feria 
      Where? San Pedro, near Marbella, Costa del Sol
      What? Local festivities. Food and drinking in the streets. I lived in San Pedro for a time and attended this festival once. It is a lot of fun!