An Outback Retreat: The Gilberton

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The Breathtaking Outback Retreat

The Gilberton Outback Retreat
The Gilberton Outback Retreat Facebook Page

Located in far North Queensland, the Gilberton Outback Retreat is an incredible and uniquely Australian holiday destination that is accessible via car or charter flight.

As a remote and rustic part of the Australia, this area is perfect for a quiet family holiday or a solo retreat – with a dash of luxury thrown in!

This is the place to go for anybody yearning for a bit of countryside rejuvenation. So what is the Gilberton Outback Retreat, and why does it deserve a place on your itinerary?

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What to Do at the Gilberton Outback Retreat

The Gilberton Outback Retreat
The Gilberton Outback Retreat Facebook Page

What is the Gilberton Outback Retreat?

The Gilberton Outback Retreat is a genuine part of the Australian outback, located inland from Townsville in far north Queensland. This area is perfect for any nature lover who really wants to connect with Australia’s roots.

Set on the Gilbert River on the 7th generation occupied Gilberton Station, this outback resort offers gorgeous, rustic-style living that invites guests to live comfortably while relaxing in North Queensland’s stunning scenery.

As a fairly remote location, visitors to The Retreat will have limited (read: no) access to phones, television or the Internet, making this an ideal escape from the everyday.

What is there to do at the Gilberton Outback Retreat?

Are you itching to explore the great outdoors? This remote location is perfect could be just what you’re looking for, offering a genuine slice of the outback with all of the comforts and quality of a relaxing retreat vacation.

Whether you’re interested in treating yourself to some well-earned downtime or exploring the depths of the outback, the retreat has something to offer.

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What's available at Gilberton Outback Retreat?

Views form the Gilberton Outback
The Gilberton Outback Retreat Facebook Page

Walking tours

Margaret Beaumont, an avid visitor of the Gilberton Outback Retreat, highly recommends the guided walking tours. “We loved the guided tours which offered exposure to the rich and diverse history of the early Pioneers and Gold miners,” she says.

The guided walking tours are perfect for any history lovers who may be keen to gather some context about our historically rich lands.


The Gilberton Outback Retreat is also home to one of Australia’s heritage-listed goldmines. Keen explorers will be able to hunt out the remains of the old gold mining township of Gilberton, where you can find out about the history and stories of the ‘gold rush’ days. You can also go panning for gold in the Gilberton creeks and have a chat with real gold prospectors.

Aboriginal art

The ancient aboriginal artifacts and paintings within Gilberton make for a great trip.

“We especially enjoyed the chance to see authentic Aboriginal Art in its natural environment, and the loving reverence and respect shown to its preservation,” Margaret explains.

Outdoor activities

Here, you can walk, hike and go sight-seeing to capture some memories you won’t soon forget.

The gorgeous scenery of Gilberton offers natural springs, great terrain and the iconic view of Lake Fred. These sections serve as the perfect purpose for bike-rides, swimming, fishing or kayaking.

“There are wonderful swimming holes, bush-walking adventures and much more to do on this historic property,” Margaret confirms.

When exploring the beauty that this site has to offer, it’s always good to keep an eye out for local wildlife such as the pelicans near Lake Fred. 

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Travelling to and from Gilberton Outback Retreat

The Gilberton Outback Retreat Facebook Page

How do you get to the Gilberton Outback Retreat?

Getting to the Retreat is a journey in and of itself, though it’s a journey well worth taking!

Located within the North of Queensland, the Gilberton Retreat is considered a fairly remote location, but getting there isn’t very difficult.

By car:

The journey from the nearby cities to the east will take you a few hours via road. For those traveling via car, all maps can be accessed via Google maps, though it is important to ensure that you have a reliable and sturdy car to travel in.

By air:

Charter flights are available from Cairns, Townsville and the Atherton Tablelands, and you can also reach the Retreat via helicopter. Contact the retreat directly for assistance with booking and prices.

When traveling via plane, it’s important to notify the retreat prior arrival in order to arrange a transfer.

Where can you travel to from here?

After your time at the Gilberton Outback Retreat has come to an end, you’re merely a stone’s throw away from some fantastic parts of Australia.

Should you be traveling by car, you can continue meandering through the rural parts of Queensland. Journey north-east to explore some of the tropical rainforests of the far north, and end your journey in the deluxe resort town of Port Douglas.

What type of traveler does this suit?

This kind of adventure is one that is perfect for any traveler who likes to take their time and explore everything great about the outback. If you have time constraints, this may not be the holiday for you: You want to allow at least 4-5 days to get to and from your destination and enjoy everything the retreat has to offer.

Families will enjoy exploring this unique part of Australia, and couples and solo travelers will get a kick out of unplugging from life and reconnect with nature while seeing how things operated at a different time and stage in Australian history.

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