An Instagram Tour of Mozambique

As we learned from Guest Author Kelly Berry's recent post on Rwanda, she's a seasoned Africa specialist and Instagram jet setter. She documents her far-flung travels on her inspiring and aptly named Instagram account, @going_gone_girl, which can serve as your go-to wanderlust spot for all things travel and Africa. On a recent adventure, she experienced the beautiful country of Mozambique, with a landmass nearly twice the size of California. While there, she discovered the romance of the Indian Ocean, history of the area's mercantile trade, and sampled delicious local cuisine of the region. Scroll through to discover more about the Mozambique culture and how you can document your experience while staying at one of the country's premiere seaside retreats, Azura Benguerra.


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    A Romantic Retreat

    Kelly Berry

    Mozambique is honeymoon heaven, full stop.  Romantic sunset dhow cruises, private picnics on secluded beaches, and freshly caught lobsters eaten al fresco under the stars are among the many experiences couples can anticipate on a trip to the country. But since I was a solo traveler – Azura Retreats went the extra mile to make sure I wasn’t left out of all the romance. They prepared this romantic little seat for me to sip on champagne and enjoy the sunset over the Indian Ocean. And voila! Self-love was in the air.

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    Set Sail, Mozambique Style

    Kelly Berry

    Dhows are believed to have been around since 600 B.C. when the ships were brought to Mozambique by Arab merchants that would sail up and down the coast of East Africa to trade fruit, spices, and other exotic imports. Although the Arab traders have since gone, their influence – and the dhows – remain. Handmade by the locals, you’ll see islanders using these boats to get around the archipelagos.  

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    Beachfront Cabanas

    Beach retreat
    Kelly Berry

    If only secluded beachfront cabanas played a larger role in my everyday life… Every suite at Azura Benguerra comes with a private beachfront cabana for mid-afternoon napping and plunge pools for waking up. With just 18 villas in total, Azura Benguerra is a sanctuary where fresh seafood is enjoyed oceanside, spa days beckon and ultimate clarity is achieved in seclusion of this paradise found. The property is located on an island within a marine national park, perfect for enjoying the deserted white sand beaches that extend for miles on end. Days are easily spent enjoying the sun while watching locals sail their dhows along the sea. 

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    Endless Hues of Blue

    Kelly Berry

    In Mozambique, the people are warm, the fish is fresh, and the accent color of choice is blue. On days when the water is still, the sky and the ocean blend so seamlessly together it's nearly impossible to tell where one ends and the other begins. These are days without horizons, days of endless blue. 

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    Eat Local

    Kelly Berry

    My favorite no-frills lunch while in Mozambique is skewers of fresh-caught fish paired with sun-ripened fruit, assorted locally sourced cheeses, a coconut (for drinking and eating) and a cold 2M beer. Eating food this fresh and light kept me going while exploring all the beaches and hidden coves of Azura Quilalea Private Island

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    Ibo Island Culture

    Local Ibo island home
    Kelly Berry

    This is a photo of me exploring the old colonial town of Ibo Island. I-B-O stands for lha bem organizado or well-organized island in the country’s adopted language, Portuguese. The Portuguese traders that colonized Mozambique bestowed this namesake because Ibo island was an ancient hub of Arab trade, where visitors could buy and sell just about anything in a very organized manner. Today the city is part ruin, part vibrant ancestral community. You can overnight at one of the budget guesthouses of Ibo Island, or it is a great day trip from Azura Retreats Quilalea Private Island luxury lodge.