An Instagram Tour of Buenos Aires


Whether you have three weeks or three days, Buenos Aires is worth a visit. Encompassing a rich, cultural past with a vibrant, artistic present, there's a reason this city is known as the most romantic in all of South America. 

Here, your guide on where to stay, where to shop, where to eat, and where to drink.

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Where to Stay


During a visit to Buenos Aires, selecting a neighborhood for your home base is important, as each of the city’s enclaves has its own appeal. If you enjoy the old-world charm the city exudes, opt to stay at Four Seasons Buenos Aires, Park Hyatt Buenos Aires, or the Algodon Mansion in Recoleta, and if you like wandering quaint streets with endless boutique shopping and street art murals, choose Palermo and hotels like Home Hotel or Legado Mitico Buenos Aires

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Where to Shop


Shop the endless boutiques of Palermo SoHo, being sure to visit iconic stores like Tramando for custom, futuristic designs by Martin Churba and Patron for a curated collection of work by local artists and designers. At Patron, you will surely leave with a custom necklace or hand-woven bag, as many of the designers on display are some of the best artisans in the city. As with many stores in Buenos Aires, sometimes you must know locals to know where showrooms are located. Underneath Nomade Cowork, you’ll find Helter Skelter bags, one of the best leather bag companies in the city. Browse the showroom for trendy backpacks, purses, and accessories like leather scarfs. Before crossing to Palermo Hollywood, stop at Facon to browse handicrafts from Argentina and Paul French Gallery to view home interiors. The gallery houses a fairytale selection of custom pieces from Argentine designers, a perfect place to select a token to remember your trip. Crossing into Palermo Hollywood, stop for lunch at Artemisia Cocina Natural, a perfect afternoon spot for fresh juice, healthy snacks, and homemade pastries. Opt to sit at the restaurant’s second floor to enjoy the view, or choose to dine alfresco at the outpost’s backyard garden. After lunch, visit Corchetes to shop a selection of work by local artist Erika Salerno. Hand making custom pots from cork, Salerno offers a unique way to decorate your home with succulents or line your walls with chandeliers. Just down the street from Corchetes, visit Palo Santo, a local studio producing sunglasses made entirely of wood. With an assembly of production housed right within the retail floor, watch as craftsmen meld custom glasses before you.

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Where to Eat


Begin your day with a stop at Lattente, Palermo SoHo’s trendiest coffee house. Breakfast isn’t very popular in the city, as local Porteños prefer a medialuna instead, which usually consists of a small pastry complemented with a morning dose of caffeine. If you pine for almond milk and prefer your lattes with an artisan finish, this is the place for you. Grab a pastry and a coffee para llevar (to go) and hit the streets to explore. For lunch, dine at El Banco Rojo in San Telmo, a casual outpost known for preparing some of the city’s best empanadas. While here, enjoy a craft beer while sitting at one of the backyard picnic tables, waiting for your empanadas de cordero to be served. Made with lamb slow-cooked for nine hours and marinated with garam masala, the empanadas will surely be the best you have. For dinner, book a table at Proper Restaurant, housed in a former auto repair shop on the eastern outskirts of Palermo. Enjoy a lively dinner set at communal tables, where tattoo-clad chefs serve delicacies like homemade sourdough, carrot and yogurt hummus, and miso-mustard pastrami.

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Where to Drink


No trip to Buenos Aires is complete without attending a wine tasting, as some of the world's best wine is produced within the country. Housed in a 19th-century mansion in San Telmo, Pulpería Quilapan brings Argentina’s countryside to Buenos Aires by utilizing a farm-to-table, locally sourced approach to both its restaurant and general store. Serving local delicacies like regional cheeses, meats, and craft beer, Pulpería Quilapan’s wine program differentiates itself by offering foot-pressed wine to consumers, a production technique mimicking typical olive oil harvesting methods. Stop by for dinner and a drink or opt to attend one of the establishment’s jazz concerts or garden vinyl sessions. If you're in Palermo, opt to visit Pain et Vin by Ohad Weiner and Eleonora Jezzi Riglos for an unpretentious, familial atmosphere housed in a sourdough bakery serving fresh sandwiches and cheeses. Come to learn the history of Argentina’s wine production, all while sampling bottles from the country’s leading boutique wineries.

For dinner and cocktails, venture to Nicky NY Sushi, one of the best restaurants in the city. Make sure to book your table in advance, and don’t miss the speakeasy in the back. Known as The Harrison Speakeasy, a concierge will lead you back into the 1920s once a vault is unlocked. Here, enjoy festive cocktails into the early morning hours, but do save time to visit 878, known as ocho siete ocho to locals. Order the steak and the croquettes de papa stuffed with cheese for dinner, then choose from a selection of craft cocktails. After 878, call a cab to Florería Atlántico for your final exploration of speakeasy life in Buenos Aires. Housed underneath a flower shop, this unassuming façade is one of the finest speakeasies in the city. Once you're transported underneath the shop, an entirely separate world is revealed, as the young and trendy flock to this underground bar for some of the city’s best cocktails and conversation.

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