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Six Phoenix Wedding Reception Sites

Sahuaro Ranch Park in Glendale, AZ
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Are you planning an Arizona wedding? Finding wedding sites in Phoenix is easy!

If money is no object, it isn't even a challenge to plan a wedding in Phoenix. This area offers some of the nation's best wedding consultants, award-winning resorts with special wedding reception sites complete with champagne sabers and other unique options, and bridal shops that rival Rodeo Drive. A couple can easily have a six-figure Phoenix wedding reception.

Everyone dreams of a perfect wedding. Can you afford your vision for this once-in-a-lifetime day? There are two key elements that will determine the cost of your Arizona wedding. First, how many people are going to be involved? Second, where will it be hosted?

A big wedding can impress, but can become a social contest. It seems inviting people breeds inviting more people. It can also appear selfish. A big wedding requires leadership, organization, coordination, planning, logistics, supervision and a lot of money. There are hundreds of elements that add stress to that type of wedding.

If a less expensive wedding celebration is preferred by taste or necessity, one wedding planning recommendation is not to invite anyone to the wedding that you don't expect to be at your 25th anniversary. That can eliminate co-workers, parents' friends and a host of others that really shouldn't be included. Culling names from the invitation list can be painful, but honestly -- who really has 150 friends? Limiting the wedding attendees to closest friends and family is logical, manageable and your Phoenix wedding becomes more affordable.

Now that you have a reasonable number of people who will be in attendance at your wedding, you are ready to tackle the second critical expense factor: the wedding and wedding reception site. The Phoenix area offers some great small wedding locations that today's couples find appealing.

Six Affordable Greater Phoenix Wedding and Wedding Reception Sites

  1. Stonebridge Manor
    While Stonebridge Manor can host a wedding for hundreds on their expansive estate, they offer a smaller Saturday morning brunch package that includes just about everything. They provide the officiant, flowers, and a wedding banquet.
  2. Danforth Chapel
    Danforth Meditation Chapel is located on the main campus of Arizona State University, between the Memorial Union and Hayden Library. Danforth Chapel is used for worship services sponsored by student religious groups, weddings, and memorial services as well as for individual or group meditation, prayer or rest.
  3. Saguaro Ranch Rose Garden
    The City of Glendale calls The Rose Garden their crowned jewel. This beautiful and convenient park has plenty of manicured roses, peacocks, and a century of history that includes thousands of weddings. They allow a couple to simply elope or they can set any number of chairs for a larger event. The Rose Garden is near Glendale's newest restaurants and hotels.
  4. MonOrchid
    Downtown Phoenix
    This art galley has spaces of interconnected rooms that can be sized appropriately for your wedding ceremony and/or reception. There is also an outdoor patio space, featuring a native garden. The artistic decor sets this venue aparat from the standard or boring.
  5. Venue at The Grove
    South Phoenix
    Consider a wedding in a grove of pecan trees! Venue at the Grove has accommodations for both indoor and outdoor receptions, and a large brick patio that can accommodate up to 200 guests. The trees are lit with over 30,000 twinkle lights.  The indoor hall can accommodate 140 guests and has french doors opening up to a view of the grove.
  6. Your Home
    Somewhere in Arizona!
    Now that the wedding is sized appropriately, consider having the wedding at home. Use what you have or splurge on a few rentals. Ministers travel, caterers deliver, and a home wedding can be more relaxed.

With the right number of guests at the perfect location, the dream will not spin into a financial nightmare. Envision a beautiful wedding in Phoenix. It's certainly affordable.

All offerings are subject to change without notice. Some of the content on this page was contributed by Minister Phillip Waring.

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