Amtrak Is Offering $100 Off Its USA Rail Pass in New Sale

You can ride up to 10 segments to 500 destinations across the country

Amtrak Pacific Surfliner

Courtesy of Amtrak

If you missed out on Amtrak's latest Buy One, Get One deal on roomettes, have no fear: The national railroad service just announced a significant discount on its USA Rail Pass, one that will make your dreams of slow traveling your way through the U.S. this summer more attainable than ever.

Through March 29, 2022, you can purchase Amtrak's USA Rail Pass for $399, which is $100 less than its usual price tag of $499. You can ride up to 10 segments to 500 destinations across the country; according to Amtrak, "A travel segment occurs when a customer boards and disembarks one of Amtrak's scheduled services. If the trip involves making a connection, customers will use two segments of the pass."

And if you're an Amtrak Guest Rewards member, you'll get to take advantage of even more cost savings with your purchase, as members will earn two points for every dollar spent.

Travelers should note that the pass is valid only for 30 days after riding their first segment, and it expires within 120 days of purchase. Also, the rail pass is only eligible for coach seating (no business class or sleeping car accommodations allowed) and cannot be used to purchase tickets aboard Auto Train, Acela, Thruway bus connections, or Canadian routes operated by VIA Rail Canada.

You can purchase the USA Rail Pass on Amtrak's website or via the Amtrak app, after which you can begin reserving tickets through the confirmation of purchase.

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