Amtrak's New Auto Train Sale Features Fares Starting at Just $39

Or book a roomette for $249

Auto Train in Lorton, VA

Kriston Rehberg / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 / Flickr

With high gas prices, public transportation is a much more attractive option for travel—and now, with Amtrak’s newest Auto Train sale, you can save money on the road and still bring your car along for the journey. 

From now until Aug. 23, Amtrak is willing to take you from Sanford, Florida, just outside of Orlando, to Lorton, Virginia, on the outskirts of Washington, D.C., for as little as $39, plus the cost of your vehicle, which varies with the size of your car. Those looking for more comfort will pay more, with roomettes for one traveler starting at $249 and bedrooms—twice the size as roomettes—starting at $449 for one traveler. The sale will also cover you if you’re traveling in pairs, with prices starting at $78, $349, and $549 for coach seating, roomettes, and bedrooms, respectively. 

Even if you opt to go coach for the 17-hour ride, you’ll still be treated to ample leg room, reclining seats (never a middle seat), and a complimentary breakfast. Those traveling in a roomette or bedroom will have a service attendant, a complimentary dinner, and upgraded bedding, pillows, and linen.

Travel dates for this sale are valid from Sept. 6, 2022, through Dec. 15, 2022, with various blackout dates throughout November. To take advantage of this sale, visit the Amtrak website or download the Amtrak app.

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