How to Get from Amsterdam to Dusseldorf, Germany

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The picturesque city of Düsseldorf, in the German state of Nordrhein-Westfalen - which shares a border with the Netherlands - is easily the top destination for tourists who want to sample a bit of western Germany in addition to their Netherlands itinerary. At just over 125 miles (200 km) from Amsterdam, it's also the closest major German city east of the border, and conveniently accessible both by road and by rail.

Amsterdam to Düsseldorf by Train

Direct trains between Amsterdam and Düsseldorf are frequent and affordable, with fares from € 29 each way on the ICE International train service. The travel time from Amsterdam Central Station is just two hours, 15 minutes on a direct train. Book in advance to secure the lowest fares; timetables and fare information are available on the NS Hispeed website.

Amsterdam to Düsseldorf by Bus

The most economical form of transportation between Amsterdam and Düsseldorf is by international coach. Fares on Eurolines start at € 15 each way but rise as the departure date nears. Buses depart from the Eurolines stop outside Amsterdam Amstel Station and arrive at Düsseldorf Hauptbahnhof, the city's central train station, which doubles as its bus depot. An alternative bus company to consider is Czech Transport, also with fares from € 15 each way, available on their website.

Amsterdam to Düsseldorf by Car

The 125-mile (200 km) drive between Amsterdam and Düsseldorf takes around two hours, 30 minutes, and is an ideal option for travelers who want the flexibility to stop and explore en route. Choose a preferred route, find detailed directions and calculate trip costs at 

Amsterdam to Düsseldorf by Plane

Several carriers fly between Amsterdam and Düsseldorf (duration: 50 minutes to an hour), such as KLM, Lufthansa and even Air France. However, it is both wildly expensive compared with other options and, once check-in time plus travel to and from the airports are considered, slower than both car and train.

Düsseldorf Tourist Information

As one of the most populous cities in Germany, Düsseldorf has its share of metropolitan amenities but also features the historic city center, the Altstadt, densely filled with bars and restaurants that peddle typical Northern German cuisine as well as the city's famous beer, Altbier. A center of both economy and the arts, the multifaceted city pleases travelers of all stripes; sites for culture and entertainment abound, such as the renowned Kunsthalle, and the famous "Kö" is a must-see street for luxury shoppers. Some of my favorite of the city's attractions are its diverse architecture - from the historic Kaiserswerth district, which dates to the year 700, the modern architecture of the MedienHafen (Media Harbor) quarter - and the concentration of Japanese restaurants on Immermannstraße, a token of the city's thousands of Japanese expats

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