How to Get from Amsterdam to Bruges (Brugge), Belgium

Belgium, Flanders, Bruges, Old town, Rozenhoedkaai, Canal and Belfry Tower
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The picturesque medieval city of Bruges (Dutch name: Brugge), Belgium is a popular choice for day-trippers from the Netherlands, and is just a few hours journey from Amsterdam. Find out how to travel between the two cities.

Amsterdam to Bruges by Train

Travelers can take the Thalys train to Bruges with one transfer in Bruxelles-Midi. The journey between Amsterdam Central Station and Bruges takes three hours.

Note that prices rise as the date of departure nears. Tickets can be booked at the NS Hispeed website.

Amsterdam to Bruges by Bus

International coach is the most affordable option for travel between Amsterdam and Bruges. At five hours, the bus may take a full two hours more than the train, but is considerably cheaper; Eurolines, the only company to serve this route (at the time of publication), offers fares each way. (Note that coach fares are also apt to rise as the departure date draws closer.) Be aware that the Eurolines Amsterdam stop is situated outside of Amsterdam Amstel Station, some 10 minutes by train from Amsterdam Central Station; the Bruges stop is conveniently located in front of the city station, at ​Busstation De Lijn on Stationsplein.​​​

Amsterdam to Bruges by Car

Families, mobility-impaired travelers, and others may wish to drive between Amsterdam and Bruges. The 155-mile (250 km) drive takes about three hours.

Choose from a variety of routes, find detailed directions and calculate trip costs at ​

Bruges Tourist Information

Discover more about the city of Bruges with this Bruges Travel Guide, which features practical information and must-see attractions, and then find out where to stay. A self-paced tour is outlined in this Walking Tour of Medieval Bruges.