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Reach Amsterdam with Ease From This Low-Cost Airline Base

Canal ride in Amsterdam
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Eindhoven Airport is the second-busiest civilian airport in the Netherlands. But at about 75 miles (125 km) southeast of Amsterdam, what makes Eindhoven such a popular destination airport for visitors intent on the capital city? The answer is one of economics: some of Europe's top low-cost airlines, such as Ryanair, Transavia and Wizz Air, use Eindhoven as their destination airport in the Netherlands.

(There are currently no direct transatlantic routes to Eindhoven Airport; travelers from North America, however, can sometimes find substantially cheaper fares if they fly into a major European air hub, then continue with a low-cost carrier to a smaller Dutch airport, such as Eindhoven. While the convenience of this tactic depends on one's individual travel itinerary, it's especially useful for travelers who would like to explore the southern Netherlands, or will already be in the vicinity of a major air hub - say, Roissy-Charles de Gaulle near Paris or Frankfurt am Main - on their European travels.) Complete the journey to Amsterdam with one of the efficient travel options listed below.

Eindhoven Airport to Amsterdam by Train
No reservations required - travelers who land in Eindhoven Airport can just catch a local bus to the city's central train station, then continue on to Amsterdam with the Dutch Railways (NS).

Bus line 401 (direction: Eindhoven Station) stops just outside the airport terminal. Tickets are available from a machine located inside the bus; the fare to Eindhoven Station is € 3.50. Find the latest bus schedule on the Dutch travel advice site ​9292, as well as custom transportation directions from the airport bus stop.

From Eindhoven Station, there is a direct connection to Amsterdam Central Station. The Intercity train from Eindhoven (direction: Den Bosch) takes 1 hour, 20 minutes to reach Amsterdam Central; at the time of publication, full-fare ticket costs € 18.70 each way, which makes the total price (bus fare included) € 22.20. For the latest train schedules and fare information, see the Dutch Railways (NS) website.

Eindhoven Airport to Amsterdam by Shuttle Bus
If you prefer a more direct route to Amsterdam or another city, there are also airport shuttle services between Eindhoven Airport and selected destinations. AirExpressBus offers reasonably-priced shuttle services to Amsterdam, Utrecht and Den Bosch. Tickets purchased online are subject to a three-euro discount; online fares to Amsterdam (at the time of publication) are € 22.50 each way, or € 38.50 round-trip (€ 19.25 each way). The bus lets off just across the canal from Amsterdam Central Station, at the departure point Holland International Canal Cruises on Prins Hendrikkade. The total trip duration is about 1 hour, 45 minutes, which is more or less equal to the above option of local bus and Intercity train, but the ride is somewhat more comfortable and requires no transfers for travelers who need to reach the vicinity of Amsterdam Central Station.

Eindhoven Airport to Amsterdam by Car
For visitors who will use a rental car on their visit, it may be practical to drive from Eindhoven Airport to Amsterdam; otherwise, this option is considerably less convenient than the ones described above. Several car rental companies operate out of Eindhoven Airport; these are located outside the airport terminal, at Luchthavenweg 13; more information is available on the ​Eindhoven Airport website. While ​Eindhoven Airport offers ample advice on how to drive to and from the airport, the most detailed directions can be found on the ​ViaMichelin website, where motorists can choose their route of choice and calculate trip costs. The 120km-drive takes about 1 hour, 40 minutes.

Explore Eindhoven and the Province of North Brabant
Eindhoven may not be the most picturesque city in the Netherlands, but it is certainly full of desirable attractions, while the wider province of North Brabant has its share of lovely destinations - Tilburg is a personal favorite of mine.

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