Millions of Americans Are Opting For a Micro-cation This Summer. Should You?

Travelers are taking pressure off of their wallets and time

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Looking to spend less on that next getaway? You're not alone. With rising gas prices and ongoing inflation sweeping the U.S., Americans are avoiding the stress of extensive trip planning and opting for summer vacations that put a little less pressure on their wallets and time.

According to insurance company Allianz Partners USA's latest Vacation Confidence Index, in which 2,000 American adults were interviewed, 53 percent of Americans say they plan to make their next vacation a "micro-cation." Just like it sounds, these are leisure trips that last less than five days and are only as far as 100 miles from home, taking some pressure off of people's wallets and time.

"Micro-cations" can allow people to see multiple destinations, sometimes for the same price as only one big trip. In fact, 23 percent of the respondents claimed they were planning more than one “micro-cation” for summer 2022, two percent more than reported last year.

The study also took a look at the duration, time, and amount of scheduled trips Americans had planned for the summer. 71 percent reported that they would plan a trip for at least one night between now and September, while about 39 percent said that they would plan more than one getaway.

The number of multiple trips planned for the summer is up to 1.4, from the 1.2 reported last year, and is led by Americans ages 18 to 34 (44 percent of which are planning multiple trips) and men (40 percent).

Money and budget have also become a focus when planning these “micro-cations.” Most travelers intend to spend less per night, especially as the number of days away increases. Anticipated costs for a one-night trip sits at $606 and drops significantly as days are added; just $412 for a two-night stay, $325 for a three-night stay, and $323 for a four-night stay.   

The study also estimates that, despite budgeting, Americans will spend almost $200 billion on summer vacations, the first time it's ever been that high in the Index's more than decade-long history.

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