American Airlines Just Announced Two New East Coast Air-and-Bus Itineraries

Here's why your next American Airlines flight could be on a bus

American Airlines Bus

Courtesy of American Airlines

In the midst of pilot shortages and skyrocketing fuel costs, American Airlines is the latest airline to offer bus connections in lieu of planes.

On Thursday, the Fort Worth-based airline announced that it was teaming up with Landline motorcoach service to carry passengers between Philadelphia International Airport to Lehigh International Airport in Allentown, Pennsylvania (70 miles away) and Atlantic City International Airport in Atlantic City, New Jersey (56 miles away). Landline will offer two daily round-trip journeys between Allentown and Philadelphia, and three daily round-trip bus rides between Atlantic City and Philadelphia.

Each Landline bus—outfitted in American livery—comes with 35 reclining leather seats, power outlets, streaming services, complimentary Wi-Fi, and a bathroom. The check-in process is similar to any other flight, with passengers clearing airport security before boarding and having their checked luggage transferred from the bus to the plane (or vice versa). Travelers arriving by bus in Philadelphia will land airside—thereby negating the need to go through security a second time should they have a connecting flight.

American Airlines passengers taking a Landline bus will be able to accrue AAdvantage miles and Loyalty Points, just as they would if they were traveling via plane.

“Our partnership with Landline is one more way we’re making it easy for customers to connect to American’s premier trans-Atlantic gateway in Philadelphia,” said Brian Znotins, American’s Vice President of Network Planning, in a statement. “Customers can start and end their journey at their local airport, relax on a comfortable Landline vehicle, and leave the driving to someone else while they work or start their vacation early. From road to runway, we’re excited to welcome customers on board.”

This isn't the first time a major carrier has partnered with Landline. In March 2021, United Airlines began using the bus company's services to transport passengers from Denver International Aport to Breckenridge and Fort Collins. And in June, Sun Country Airlines partnered with Landline to offer "seamless, non-stop [connections]" between Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport and St. Cloud Regional Airport.

The new bus service will launch on June 3, with tickets available starting today.

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