7 Amazing McDonald's Restaurants

A Chinese woman serving food at a McDonald's drive-thru in Beijing

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McDonald's is the world's largest hamburger chain and serves 69 million customers every single day across 101 countries in 37,000 different restaurants. Most of us are used to the typical McDonald's facade: a plain gray brick facade with the golden arches above the entrance. But, there are a few McDonald's restaurants that go beyond the usual. These seven McDonald's restaurants are some of the coolest restaurants in the world.

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The World's Largest McDonald's (For Six Weeks)—Olympic Park, London, England

McDonald's Olympic Park

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32,000 square feet. That's the size of the world's largest McDonald's located in Olympic Park, London, England, during the Olympic games. There were 500 employees that served the 1,500 potential diners who could sit either indoors or out. The restaurant opened in June 2012, just one month before the London Olympics, and had some of the best views onto Olympic Park in the city. The restaurant is McDonald's first sustainable outlet, and 75 percent of the building is made with recycled or reused materials.

Now, here's the crazy part about this McDonald's. This supersized version was only in existence for the six weeks during the Olympics. Then, it was torn down and materials were used in other British McDonald's.

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McDonald's in an Airplane—Taupo, New Zealand

McDonald's Taupo, New Zealand

Nigel Killeen / Moment Mobile

You won't get any frequent flier miles when you're eating in this airplane, but the food will probably be a lot better than typical airplane fare.  When McDonald's franchisees in Taupo, New Zealand, purchased an old car dealership to convert it, a disused DC-3 plane came along with the purchase.  Recently, the owners of the McDonald's refurbished the plane into a 20 seat extension of the restaurant, with the iconic yellow and red decorating the outside and interior of the plane.

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19th Century McDonald's—Debrecen, Hungary

Debrecen McDonald's

Tibor Kosa / Moment

Debrecen, Hungary is the country's second-largest city, after Budapest, and includes a hodgepodge of architectural styles, from 19th-century buildings to modern glass and concrete structures. This McDonald's is housed in one of the city's older buildings.

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Retro McDonald's—Mount Ephraim, New Jersey

Haddon Heights Retro McDonalds

Tony Fischer / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

This retro-style McDonald's is located in Mount Ephraim, New Jersey. The round little mascot at the top is called "Speedee" and was the McDonald's original mascot. Speedee wore a chef's uniform and had a hamburger-shaped face, which represented the restaurant chain's quick and efficient service. In 1962, the restaurant replaced Speedee with Ronald McDonald. 

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UFO McDonald's—Roswell, New Mexico

McDonald's in Roswell, New Mexico

Jeremy Noble / WikiMedia Commons / CC BY 2.0

Well, of course, if you were going to hop into a flying saucer McDonald's, you would want to do it in Roswell, New Mexico. This cool "unofficial crash site" location includes a UFO-shaped exterior that lights up at night and features flying rockets in the playroom.

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Cast Iron McDonald's—Canal Street, New York, New York

Cast iron McDonald's at Canal Street, New York

Eden, Janine and Jim / Flicker / CC BY 2.0

Talk about irony: some of the country's fattest food is housed in this super skinny building on New York City's Canal Street. The matte black restaurant is framed in cast iron.

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The Happy Meals McDonald's—Dallas, Texas

Montfort McDonald's
Google Streetview

For the ultimate McDonald's experience, eat your burger inside a Happy Meal at this huge McDonald's on Montfort Drive in Dallas, Texas. Ronald McDonald peeps out of one side of this McDonald's while giant buckets of fries greet visitors to the door.

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