Amazing Jake's Food and Fun - An Indoor Amusement Park in Mesa

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Describing Amazing Jake's is easy--it's an indoor, air-conditioned amusement park. It's actually more than that, but even that's enough in a place where the hot weather can make it frustrating to keep the kids entertained.

There's only one Amazing Jake's Food & Fun in Arizona. It's in Mesa, southeast of Phoenix.

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Fun For Little Ones

Amazing Jake's Indoor Amusement Park

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Tea Cups and the Frog Hopper at Amazing Jake's are fun, and adults can go on with the kids. Children who are at least 4 years old and 3 feet tall can enjoy a lovely carousel, and a train ride. For shorter/younger children, there is a small play area, and they can go on some rides with an adult.

Amazing Jake's Factoid: There's room for about 1,000 people at any one time to enjoy the all-you-can eat buffet at Amazing Jake’s.

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Take A Break

Break room

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Take a break from the games and the climbing and the rides to enjoy your lunch. You can watch movies in three of the rooms, but there are plenty of spaces and places at Amazing Jake’s to have a leisurely lunch before it's time to get back to the action.

Amazing Jake's Factoid: On average, between $20 and $30 is spent on attractions per person, per visit.

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What Do Adults Do at Amazing Jake's?

Amazing Jake's Indoor Amusement Park

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Seating areas around the facility allow parents to watch their kids at play, but there are activities for adults, too if they want to participate. Bumper cars, race cars, miniature golf, bowling, and, of course, interactive games are suitable for adults. There are lots of unique eating/relaxing zones around Amazing Jake's where adults can escape from the noise and the action. There's even a sports bar-type area, as well as the garden room shown here.

Amazing Jake's Factoid: Some of the rides are appropriate for adults. The bumper cars are a favorite for the mature crowd.

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Family Fun

Amazing Jake's Indoor Amusement Park

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One of the features of Amazing Jake's that was especially noticeable is that there are entertainment opportunities for children who are alone, children with friends, and attractions where families and groups can participate together. Beach City Golf is an indoor miniature golf course, just perfect for families with kids of all ages. What else can the family do together? There's actually a bowling alley with 12 lanes in this entertainment center.

Amazing Jake's Factoid: There are no water attractions, and there's no sand. It's all dry, clean fun.

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Popular Attractions

Amazing Jake's Indoor Amusement Park

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The Monaco Grand Prix Raceway can accommodate up to 10 racers at a time, and is popular with both adults and kids. (Lines can be long during busy times.)

For kids that are on their own, the 25' tall rock wall is an active way to enjoy Amazing Jake's, as is the laser tag area, where 16 kids at a time, wearing light sensitive vests that contain infrared sensing panels, can use high-tech laser guns to "shoot" each other.

There are height and weight restrictions on most attractions and rides.

Amazing Jake's Factoid: You earn tickets for winning games at Amazing Jake's, and the redemption prize counter is said to be the largest in the U.S.

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Games, Games, Games

Amazing Jake's Indoor Amusement Park

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Video games, skeet ball games, air hockey--you name the type of game and Amazing Jake's probably has it. Some of these games can be played alone and some allow for competitive play.

Amazing Jake's Factoid: There are over 180 interactive games at Amazing Jake's.

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Food, Hours, Location, Cost

Amazing Jake's Indoor Amusement Park

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Amazing Jake's has a buffet that includes pizzas, pastas, salads, soups, a potato bar, desserts and unlimited soft drinks. Beer, wine and alcoholic beverages are available for an additional charge.

11 years old to adult: $9.99
Ages 4-10: $6.99
Ages 3 and under: free with paying adult

Buffet lunch is available to purchase.

All the rides, attractions, and activities have an additional cost. When you go, you decide how much you want to put on a card for rides and attractions. You can keep that card and any balance left on it for future visits--it's like a credit card for fun.

Check the website for other offers, like unlimited wristbands and special promotions.


Amazing Jake's is open 365 days a year, unless the facility has been rented for a special event. Hours vary based on the season, but you can assume they'll be open at 11 a.m. (or earlier) and close at 9 p.m. (or later). All-U-Can-Eat Buffet ends one hour prior to closing times.

Always check the Amazing Jake's official website or call before you go for specific hours, and to make sure that it isn't closed for a private party or corporate event.

Amazing Jake's is located in Mesa at Gilbert and Baseline.

Amazing Jake's Factoid: Mesa's Amazing Jake’s opened at Gilbert and Baseline in July 2005.

All dates, times, prices and offerings are subject to change without notice.

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Amazing Jakes FAQ

Ten Things You Should Know About Amazing Jake's

  1. Your entrance fee to Amazing Jake's includes the all-you can-eat buffet. You can't get into Amazing Jake's without paying the admission fee, so you might as well eat.
  2. It isn't difficult to imagine which are the more crowded days. Weekends, holidays, and Tuesdays (when they run the family specials) make the lines longer.
  3. For the most popular attractions on the busy days, a child might wait up to about half an hour for his or her turn.
  4. The environment is pretty controlled, which means a pleasant experience for all. Unruly behavior, loitering, and bad language are not tolerated.
  5. No outside food allowed. No gum.
  6. No headphones, radios or music.
  7. No skates or heelys.
  8. Everyone must wear shorts and shoes.
  9. Anyone under 13 must be accompanied by an adult.
  10. Amazing Jake's is a popular place for parties. Make your reservations in advance.

Amazing Jake's Factoid: The Mesa Amazing Jake's is an 80,000 square foot facility. There's plenty of space for everyone.

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