All-Inclusive Pros and Cons

For Couples Thinking About a Honeymoon at an All-Inclusive Resort

bed decorated for lovers
Choose from a variety of accommodations at Sandals Ochi, including ones with a private butler. Robert Keroack.

Part of the fun of planning to travel together as a couple is deciding on the destination where you will be happiest during your time away. Shortly after you start researching, you're likely to hear about all-inclusive resorts as a possibility.

Located in tropical settings -- particularly the Caribbean and Mexico -- adults-only all-inclusive resorts are designed for couples to unwind. Discover the pros and cons of choosing one below.​

Advantages to Choosing an Adults-Only All-Inclusive Resort

  • Easy. If it's your honeymoon and you've already made 1,001 decisions about the wedding, you can stop stressing. At an all-inclusive, all the basics are covered, including room, meals, tips, on-site activities and entertainment
  • One price. Paying upfront helps a couple to stay within a budget
  • Peaceful. Honeymoon-oriented all-inclusive resorts are adults-only, which means your stay won't be interrupted by screaming kids
  • Picturesque. All-inclusive resorts are known for their scenic locations
  • Water wonderlands. Beaches and pools are designed for lazing around; lounge chairs, bali bedsand cabanas abound
  • Amazing retreats. Top-of-the-line accommodations at some resorts now include overwater bungalows
  • Private pleasures. Upgraded guest rooms and suites may feature a Jacuzzi for two and/or a private plunge pool and a dedicated butler or concierge
  • Meals and beverages. Food, including snacks and beverages, is plentiful
  • Activities. Free fitness activities and games
  • Cashless. No need to carry money around
  • No shlepping. You'll unpack once and settle in, rather than rushing to get from place to place
  • Au naturel. Some adult all-inclusive resorts offer private clothing-optional areas
  • Compatible guests. Opportunities to meet and make friends with other couples
  • Vows. Many all-inclusive resorts offer a free wedding ceremony to couples who book a honeymoon that lasts a certain number of nights

Disadvantages to Choosing an All-Inclusive Adults-Only Resort

  • No escape. Many all-inclusive resorts are located in isolated spots remote from major cities and attractions
  • Mindless. Limited exposure to local arts, culture, politics
  • Potentially expensive. Booking can be confusing, as there may be many different room categories (cheapest is never the best). A travel agent can help you navigate the confusion but may also attempt to upsell you in order to earn a higher commission
  • Homogenous. Few opportunities to meet local people other than all-inclusive employees and fellow guests so single adults may feel out of place
  • Noah's ark: It's like the biblical fable; everyone comes aboard two by two, as pairs of opposite sexes
  • Tempting extras. Spa and salon treatments are not included in the price and off-site excursions and activities may be available for an additional fee
  • Fair fare. Food can be mediocre and offer little variation
  • No reason to stay up late. Entertainment is typically amateurish
  • Souvenir-free. There may be a resort store to pick up necessities, but that's usually the only place to shop on the premises
  • Chips are down. No casino
  • Tips appreciated. Although tips are advertised as included, staff rarely refuses and always appreciates them
  • Inauthentic. Can feel ersatz, like a theme park for grownups