Coney Island Neighborhood Profile

The wonder wheel at Coney Island.
••• The Wonder Wheel at Coney Island. Getty Images/Natalie Grono

There may be no neighborhood in Brooklyn more legendary than Coney Island. With its historic amusement park and boardwalk, the annual Mermaid Parade, and, of course, its original "Nathan's Famous" hot dogs, Coney Island may not be the seaside resort it was during the 1800s, but its character still remains. Wacky and wild, this well-known Brooklyn enclave is worth visiting.

Coney Island on the Map

Coney Island is located in south Brooklyn and is bordered on the south by the Atlantic Ocean, on the north by the Belt Parkway, on the east by the Ocean Parkway, and on the west by the gated community known as "Sea Gate." You can easily get there via public transportation (aka the ​MTA subway system).

The Coney Island-Stillwell Avenue station is the last stop on the Q, D, F, and N subway lines.

Coney Island Real Estate

Located about an hour away from Manhattan on the subway, Coney Island offers homes to those who don't mind a commute. Prices rival those throughout Brooklyn with apartments starting at approximately $350,000 and studios renting for $1000 to $1500.

Coney Island Bars & Restaurants

No trip to Coney Island is complete without sampling a hot dog from the original "Nathan's Famous," which opened in 1916 and, every year on the Fourth of July, hosts a now-famous hot dog eating competition. Visitors and locals alike flock to "Totonno's" for delicious thin-crust pizza. Or, head east from the boardwalk to the area known as "Little Odessa" for authentic Russian food.

Coney Island Activities & Attractions

Coney Island offers something for everyone. Visit the 14-acre New York Aquarium; watch a baseball game at Keyspan Park; ride the historic Wonder Wheel (built in 1920) and Cyclone roller coaster (built in 1927) in Astroland, New York City's largest amusement park; or just spend a day relaxing on the beach and enjoying the neighborhood's boardwalk, which stretches for three miles.

For more insider information straight from the locals, visit the Coney Island neighborhood blog, Kinetic Carnival.