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Seattle, WA


  • University of Washington


  • Technology, representation in media, travel

  • Aleenah Ansari's writing has been featured in Business Insider, The Seattle Times, CNBC Grow Mag, Kulfi, and more.
  • Aleenah works as a writer and video producer at Microsoft. She creates blogs and videos about the experts who build, deploy, and manage the tools used by 165,000+ employees at Microsoft.
  • As a writing consultant, Aleenah has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, students, and professionals in tech to help them land their dream roles, grad school offers, and research opportunities. More importantly, she helps people feel more confident in telling their stories.


Aleenah Ansari (she/her) has been telling stories for the past seven years and counting—all of her work is rooted in being a journalist at heart. As a queer Pakistani woman in tech, she's committed to lifting as she climbs and empowering entrepreneurs and professionals to break into the tech industry through workshops and one-on-one coaching. Outside of work, you can find her searching for her next favorite mural, scoping out new restaurants to try in Seattle, and planning her next trip to New York.

She's also a proud alumna from the Human-Centered Design & Engineering program at the University of Washington, a mentor for BIPOC folks breaking into tech, and a mural enthusiast.


Aleenah received a B.S. in human-centered design and engineering and a B.A. in comparative history of ideas from the University of Washington.

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