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Exploring Albuquerque

Panorama of Albuquerque Skyline at Night
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Albuquerque's skyline may not be known for having tall skyscrapers, but it does have a distinctive downtown core with a number of high rise buildings. Some of the city's most recognizable tall buildings are the Albuquerque Plaza and its neighbor the Hyatt, pointing their pinkish triangles toward the sky. The highest buildings tend to cluster downtown but their outliers, such as the Bank of the West tower in midtown. The highest buildings also tend to be newer, dating to the 1980s and 1990s.

Take a tour of the top ten tallest buildings in Albuquerque, New Mexico, which are also the tallest buildings in New Mexico.

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Albuquerque Plaza

 Albuquerque's tallest building the tall, pinkish Plaza building, qualifies as a skyscraper. It is the tallest building in the city as well as in the state of New Mexico. Also known as the Bank of Albuquerque Tower, the building features a complex of retail space on its ground floor. Floors 1 through 12 have four elevators that travel at about 750 feet per minute. Floors 13 through 22 have four elevators that travel about 1,000 feet per minute.

Location: 201 Third Street NW
Built: 1990
Height: 351 feet
Floors: 22
Elevators: 8
Architect: Hellmuth, Obata & Kassabaum

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Hyatt Regency Albuquerque

The Hyatt Albuquerque stands beside the Plaza building and looks very much the same. Coming in at 21 stories, it is about 100 feet shorter than the city's tallest structure. The high-rise building is the tallest hotel in Albuquerque and in the state.

Location: 330 Tijeras Street NW​
Built: 1990
Height: 256 feet
Floors: 21
Architect: Hellmuth, Obata & Kassabaum

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Compass Bank Building

The white facade of the Compass Building makes for a distinctive presence in downtown Albuquerque. The building was the city and state's tallest when it was completed in 1968. With its rooftop antenna, the building reaches a total of 272 feet. The 12-story office building sits atop a six-story parking garage.

Location: 505 Marquette NW​
Built: 1968
Height: 238 feet
Floors: 18

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Albuquerque Petroleum Building

Just across the street from the Compass Bank is the Petroleum Building, a high-rise commercial office complex in the modernist style. The top floor of the building was once where the Petroleum Club operated, a members-only club that closed in 2007. 

Location: 500 Marquette NW
Built: 1986
Height: 235 feet
Floors: 15​
Architect: Dwayne Lewis Architects

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Bank of the West Tower

Another large white building pushing against Albuquerque's skyline is the Bank of the West Tower located just south and west of Albuquerque's Uptown. The tower was the tallest in the city and the state when it was built. It was formerly known as the First National Bank Building East. The construction of taller buildings began to migrate away from downtown in the 1960s. It is the tallest building in the city that is not located downtown.

Location: 5301 Central NE
Built: 1963
Height: 213 feet​
Floors: 17
Architects: Flatow, Moore, Bryan, and Fairburn

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Gold Building

Once known as the New Mexico Bank and Trust, the Gold Building is known for its north facade of dark glass that reflects the surrounding area. The south facade is known for its protruding brick-faced elevator.

Location: 320 Gold Avenue SW​
Built: 1967​
Height: 203 feet
Floors: 14
Architects: W.C. Kruger & Associates

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Dennis Chavez Federal Building

The federal office building in downtown Albuquerque was built to house the U.S. District Court as well as other federal services. Faced with polished granite and with marble used on the ground floor, its look is polished and clean. Though the court has since moved to the U.S. Courthouse, the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, U.S. Postal Service, and other federal agencies are still housed in the building. 

Location: 500 Gold Avenue SW
Built: 1972
Height: 197 feet
Floors: 13
Architects: Flatow, Moore, Bryan, and Fairburn

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Public Service Company of New Mexico

The PNM Building is part of the Alvarado Square complex in downtown, which connects to a structure across the street on the north side of Silver.

Location: 415 Silver Avenue SW
Built: 1974
Height: 184 feet
Floors: 12

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Simms Building

The Simms Building was the first modern high-rise built in Albuquerque, bringing a modern, international look to downtown. It was the tallest building in the city and state until the Gold Building was added seven years later. The Simms Building was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places in 1998. In the television series "Breaking Bad", it was used as the office for DEA character Hank Schrader.

Location: 400 Gold SW
Built: 1954
Height: 180 feet
Floors: 13
Architects: Flatow, Moore, Bryan, and Fairburn

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United States Courthouse

The United States Courthouse was named in honor of Senator Pete Domenici in 2004. It is joined by two additional courthouses, the Bernalillo County Courthouse, and the Metropolitan Courthouse, making the area the city's legal hub.

Location: 333 Lomas NW
Built: 1997
Height: 176 feet
Floors: 7
Architects: Flatow Moore Schaffer McCabe

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