Albuquerque Restaurants on Man v. Food Nation

Albuquerque has several restaurants with dishes that have been featured on the Travel Channel's "Man v. Food Nation." The Frontier Restaurant, the K&I Diner, and Sadie's have all had their place in the spotlight with the show's host Adam Richman.

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Frontier Restaurant

Frontier Restaurant

Courtesy of Frontier Restaurant

2400 Central Ave SE, Albuquerque, NM 87106, USA
Phone +1 505-266-0550

Adam Richman, the host of Man v. Food, visited the Frontier for their episode on green chile cheeseburgers. The show takes a look at the Frontier's Duke City burger. The Duke City is made up of two quarter-pound patties, cheddar cheese, and bacon topped with a heap of green chile.

The Frontier is known for its green-chile-smothered foods. They specialize in New Mexican dishes, burgers, platters, and are famous for their sweet roll. Situated across the street from the University of New Mexico, it's a favorite place for students to meet and eat, even into the wee hours of the morning.

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K&I Diner

K&I Diner

Courtesy of K&I Diner

2500 Broadway Blvd SE, Albuquerque, NM 87102-5012, USA
Phone +1 505-243-1881

The K&I Diner is known as an old-fashioned 'hole in the wall' restaurant that's located on the south end of Broadway, just at the beginning of an industrial area before the south valley. It's popular with truckers and locals who work nearby who are looking for large portions of diner food.

It's also home to the "Travis on a Silver Platter Challenge," and the Man v. Food team decided to take up the challenge. The "Travis" is a 7-pound burrito that combines seasoned beef and beans topped with red chile that is rolled into a burrito. Then it's topped with green chile, lettuce, and tomatoes, and then topped with French fries. You can have it for free if you're able to eat it in one hour or less. Is it humanly possible?

The Travis comes in smaller, more manageable sizes, like the "Full Travis," Half Travis, Quarter Travis, and Wimp Travis. The Quarter Travis is the most popular size but usually requires a to-go box.

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Sadie's of New Mexico

Sadie's of New Mexico

Courtesy of Sadie's of New Mexico

6230 4th St NW Lot, Los Ranchos De Albuquerque, NM 87107, USA
Phone +1 505-345-5339

Man v. Food Nation visited Sadie's to take a look at their iconic meat and bean-stuffed sopaipilla. But their six and a half pound mix of meat, potatoes, beans, chile, and cheese, named the world's biggest stuffed sopaipilla, is what host Adam Richman takes a taste of. Three giant scoops of beans and potatoes are topped with stewed chicken, ground beef, and carne adovada.

No longer offered to the public, the Stuffed Sopaipilla Challenge was seemingly insurmountable. There are seven pounds of food on a platter, but a few people have succeeded in eating it all within 60 minutes.

On the Sadie's Wall of Fame, one eater managed to down the sopaipilla in just under 18 minutes. Another few made it in just under 60 minutes. But one challenger got it all down in 7:56 minutes. You read that right. The list of challengers who didn't make it is far longer than the list of those who have.

Sadie's is well known in Albuquerque for its New Mexican food. Their dishes are large, and each dinner comes with tostadas and salsa to start. Sopaipillas are included. Sadie's chile is hot and comes in red or green with or without meat, and there is even a gluten-free chile option. Some of the dishes they're most famous for includes their nachos and their green chile cheeseburger.

The episode aired on the Travel Channel on June 22, 2011

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