Albuquerque Renaissance Faire

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    Albuquerque Renaissance Faire

    Knight at Renaissance Fair
    © Aileen O'Catherine

    Every year, the Albuquerque Renaissance Faire brings together costumed knights, damsels, ladies in waiting and squires to the Albuquerque Balloon Museum to joust, feast and entertain. 

    The city of Albuquerque and members of the Society for Creative Anachronism put together a fair that includes live entertainment, a children's realm, living history demonstrations, shopping, equestrian jousting and more. For one day, the world slows down while Kings and Queens rule and the ​knights show their chivalry.

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    Living History Demonstrations

    Inside the Balloon Museum, there are demonstrations on weaving, sewing, spinning, medieval astronomical instruments, metalwork, leatherwork and other crafts. Costumes on display demonstrate what Renaissance clothing looked like.


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    Costumed Attire

    Costumes at Renaissance Fair
    © Aileen O'Catherine

    Outside on the grounds, a Medieval Village and green provide a sense of what villages of long ago might have looked like. Tents contain lords and ladies, squires and commoners, all in costume. Participants at the Renaissance Faire wear costumes, but fair goers do as well. It isn't unusual to see pirates, monks, squires, and princesses wearing colorful and elaborate outfits.

    What should you wear to the Renaissance Faire? Commercial pattern companies have costume patterns labeled Renaissance/Tudor/Elizabethan that you can make. It isn't necessary to dress in costume, though it is fun.

    The medieval village and market also feature a dais where the King and Queen come out to watch the festivities, such as equestrian jousting. The jousting takes place several times throughout the day. 

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    Swordplay, Jousting and Games

    Swordplay at Renaissance Fair
    © Aileen O'Catherine

    Melee battles take place throughout the day in the medieval village. Children can joust with a knight, or with each other in mock battles and demonstrations. 

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    Renaissance Fair Dancers
    © Aileen O'Catherine

    Entertainment takes place in the medieval village in the form of jousting and melees, but a stage also has entertainment throughout the day. 

    The entertainment schedule includes a live equestrian showcase, a group wedding, Bizarre Magic, Devil's Dram, Celtic Singers, Galician folk music and folk, Celtic and traditional music on folk instruments. 

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    Royal Feast

    Renaissance Fair Tavern
    © Aileen O'Catherine

    Refreshments are available at the Tilted Tankard Tavern on the green. Wine, meade, and beer are available for all to enjoy. Libations at the tavern and around the fair will be served by Santa Fe Brewery, Falcon Meadery, Boxing Bear Brewery, Distillery 365, St. Clair Winery and Bosque Brewing.​

    The Tavern also has entertainment, to include the Renaissance harp, Celtic music, a one man band, a medieval sing along, belly dancing and magic. As you make your way around the grounds, you'll witness battles, fighting demonstrations, armored combat, and different types of fighting techniques. 

    There will also be juggling, Princess Unicorn and Celtic singers -- and don't miss Sir Loin of Chop, the Tilted Tankard Troupe, and Devil's Dram.

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    Commoners Food Court

    Food Truck at Renaissance Fair
    © Aileen O'Catherine

    For those commoners who don't make it to the Royal Feast, libations can be found at a variety of food trucks. This truck, which features Scottish meat pies, provides food that is reminiscent of yesteryear. Entertainment includes Celtic and old-time music.

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    Arts and Crafts Vendors

    Art Vendors at Renaissance Fair
    © Aileen O'Catherine

     Arts and crafts vendors provide art that includes dragons, heraldry, coats of arms, masks, and face painting for the kids.

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    Find Weaponry

    Along with arts and crafts, shoppers can find swords, knives, blades, helmets, and weapons at the fair. A knight can find a trusted sword, or a warrior a helmet and chain mail neck guard. (Purchases cannot be worn or used at the fair, for safety reasons.)

    Tickets for the Renaissance Faire can be purchased online or at the event. Balloon Museum admission is included in the admission price.