Guide to Albuquerque Food Carts

ABQ Food Truck Co-op Offers Weekly Choices of Fresh, Local Foods

Food Cart Bill's Barbecue


Food carts have been a national trend over the past few years, and now Albuquerque has joined the list of cities where fresh, local specialty foods can be found on wheels. Albuquerque food trucks bring you more than the usual food cart fare of hot dogs and burritos, these new roadside stands have made it their goal to introduce a wider variety of foods to Albuquerque customers. Sometimes you're just not in the mood for an Albuquerque restaurant.

ABQ Food Truck Co-op

There's a pod of food trucks that meets every Wednesday just east of the Talin Market at Louisiana and Central -- they call themselves ABQ Food Truck Co-op. These aren't the mobile taco and burrito trucks that can be found along South Broadway and industrial parks (the ones commonly nicknamed "roach coaches"). Rather, these food carts offer a more upscale experience with specialty fare that ranges from build-your-own sandwiches to BBQ to desserts.

Locating the food carts in Albuquerque's international district makes sense because as the list of food carts grows, the types of cuisines will vary. The carts gather in one location, open their roadside windows, and offer an eclectic variety of specialties for anyone who makes the point of stopping by.

The carts now also meet on Tuesdays at the Civic Plaza downtown. Tuesdays are Truckin' Tuesdays every week when food trucks pull up to the plaza with a wide variety of delicious foods. You can enjoy a delicious lunch hour meal at the tables set up cart-side. 

If you like the Food Trucks' Facebook page, you can find out where the trucks are on any day of the week. The page lists the locations and specials for the ABQ Food Truck co-op. The page shares the status of all the trucks in the co-op and some trucks that are not in the group.

What if it's not Tuesday or Wednesday? Look for the food carts by visiting the ABQ Food Trucks Facebook page and see if there are current postings for where they're going to be. Click on the individual trucks below to see where they plan to be on the day you're interested. Find an individual cart you like, and sign on to follow them on Facebook or Twitter. You'll often find a food truck at La Cumbre in the evening, or at Red Door Brewing, Marble Brewery, and other brewpubs. Tractor Brewing always has a food truck parked outside its Nob Hill and Wells Park locations.

Other Places to Find Food Carts

Following the success of food carts in cities such as San Francisco and Portland, the Albuquerque food carts will certainly establish themselves as well. Albuquerque Food Carts is a project of STEPS, an organization that was formed to help businesses in the international district.

Food trucks can also be found at special events, such as the Mini Maker Faire, Westside Summerfests and the city's other summerfests. You'll also find them at special one time events such as the birthday bash at Humble Coffee, or sometimes at school functions. 

Find out more about the city's food trucks, the types of cuisine offered and where to find them at Albuquerque Food Trucks.

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