Eco-Friendly Products and Stores in Albuquerque

Kei & Molly Textiles
Kei & Molly Textiles

Albuquerque has some great eco-friendly stores and products for those who are environmentally conscious. The stores below can be found around Albuquerque or can be accessed online. Some sell their products at farmers' markets. The items sold in these stores are crafted with thought about their environmental impact or were created locally. 

Environmentally Friendly Stores Around Albuquerque

American Clay
American Clay makes natural earth plaster products for interiors. Their products are non-toxic, absorb odors, resist dirt and grime, and are 100% natural. Their plasters come in 224 non-fading colors and five finishes. I can't say enough good things about these plasters. We used American Clay plaster in our living room which has lasted beautifully for 10 years. With the plasters, you never need paint again. For those who are do-it-yourselfers, American Clay has trowels for purchase.

Sample bags are available for a modest fee for those who are unsure of what color to get. 

Dapwood Furniture
Dapwood builds eco-friendly, safe, sustainable products that are both utilitarian and attractive. Their products include bookcases, daybeds, nightstands, platform beds, side tables, night stands, trundles, console tables and meditation tables. Styles range from modern to traditional. The furniture is made with solid premium American hardwoods and plant-based finishes. Dapwood furniture is made in the U.S. using American made materials. Assembly takes place at home (think Ikea). In addition to their standard products, Dapwood builds custom furniture to meet the customer's needs.

Their furniture is suitable for anyone, including those with chemical sensitivities. 

Kei & Molly Textiles
Kei & Molly have an online store via Etsy and are also found at locations in New Mexico and all across the U.S. They've been selling their products at Farmers' Markets since they set up shop, where you can still find them. Often, they are at the Downtown Growers' Market. Their studio uses only water-based, non-toxic inks to minimize impacts on the environment, and they filter their wastewater to keep pigment out of the water system. They use 100% natural fibers for their production.

Their tea towels, dish towels, napkins and line of products display beautiful motifs that are often local. I collect their items and cherish them, whether it's a dish towel displaying someone roasting green chile or a dancing San Pasqual in the kitchen. Their images are iconic and useful, and make great gifts, especially for those who love New Mexico. They even make greeting cards, which again make great gifts for those who miss New Mexico.

Octopus and the Fox
The small shop in Albuquerque's EDO, or east downtown district, sells locally made, handcrafted clothes, art, jewelry, housewares, accessories, gifts and more. The items are made by over 60 local artists and designers. They also have a range of vintage items. All products are sweatshop free. The store hosts an annual OctoFair in October that features articles for sale, food trucks, live music and fun for kids.

Sachi Organics
Sachi creates organic bedding products that use local labor, and products from organic farms in the U.S. They carry bed pillows, bedding, organic mattresses, pillow protectors and covers and support pillows. Their buckwheat hull stuffed pillows are flame retardant and chemical free.

Southwest Green Home Center
The Southwest Green Home Center carries non-toxic, chemical free products for the home. They have a commitment to reducing waste and provide everyday items and building materials for a healthy living environment. Their products include organic mattresses, bed frames and furniture, paint and plaster, tools, stains and sealers, water savers, flooring, air filters, natural linoleum, cleaning products and items for gardening and composting.