Albuquerque Comic Con

Mural on comic book store in Nob Hill District.
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Albuquerque comic conventions take place each year. Two of the largest are the Albuquerque Comic Expo, which happens annually in June, and the ​Albuquerque Comic Con, which occurs each January.

Comic conventions bring together comic books from classic to new, as well as comic book artists and writers, media artists, vendors, and fans. Fans often dress in costumes, and contests celebrate the best of the best. With aisles and aisles of comic books, vendors, and activities, a comic convention is a fun way to spend an afternoon. Comic cons have something to offer whether you are new to the world of comics or a serious collector.

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Comic Creators

Many comic con fans come to meet the comic creators. While the comic con sometimes has big names like Stan Lee, who created Spiderman, often they have lesser-known creators who have a good following. The comic creator is the creative force behind a comic, but they often have help. At a comic con, you'll also find the writers, artists, inkers, and colorists who turn a comic book idea into an actual book.

Comic creators talk with fans, sign autographs and sometimes sketch. They sometimes provide inside information that can't be found anywhere but at a comic con.

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Comic Con Costumes

Comic con costumes are one way fans show appreciation for a favorite character or show. Whether you go to a comic con in costume or just get your picture taken with a favorite character, there are lots of dressed up characters who add to the overall fun.

Costume contests are part of the day, with prizes given for categories such as best comic con girl costume, best sexy comic con costume, and more.

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Comic Con Artists

Any convention worth its salt has alleys of comic con artists. There are the comic book artists as well as the comic artists for hire. Fans can purchase comic books signed by the artists. Artists who interpret popular comic book characters sell their work as well. These artists have work for sale and provide services for comic creators who need to hire someone to draw their ideas.

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Action figures are just one of the many comic con collectibles found at a show. The big comic book heroes such as Batman and Superman can be found, along with action figures for Star Wars, Dr. Who, Hello Kitty and more. T-shirts, toys, video games and other knockoffs are available for purchase.

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Other Features

Comic cons also feature special guests and exclusives that can be found only by attending the convention. Cons feature stars such as Dean Stockwell, Butch Patrick (Eddie from the Munsters), and characters from Star Trek and other popular shows. Fans can pay extra to go to small sessions to meet the stars, talk to them and get their autographs. Often there are question and answer panels where fans get within close range of a favorite character.

Exclusives are prints that artists do for a comic con just that year. They sometimes have themes and often are images the artist was simply inspired to create. Exclusives are available for purchase and highly collectible.

Cosplay is also part of a comic con. In cosplay, participants wear costumes to portray a favorite character or idea. Using comic books, anime, films and video games for inspiration, they enact roles to the delight of those who attend. 

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