Getting Around Albuquerque by Taxi

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There are currently just under a half dozen taxi companies licensed by the state Public Regulation Commission (PRC) to do business in metro Albuquerque. They include Albuquerque Cab Company, Yellow Checker Cab Company, and ABQ Green Cab Company. Albuquerque Taxi and Albuquerque Metro Taxi Service are independent contractors who work for Yellow Cab.

The Public Regulation Commission' Transportation Division oversees vehicles used to transport riders. Recently, several rideshare companies have come into the metro area, but neither has been sanctioned by the PRC to date. Uber is in the process of registering with the state commission, and Lyft is in a legal battle to do business without licensing, arguing they are not in the business of providing a traditional taxi service. The PRC has indicated it will create a new category for these types of services.

Hailing a Taxi in Albuquerque

While it's possible to hail a cab from the cab zone at the airport, for most all other points in town, it is necessary to call the cab company to reserve a taxi. Taxis will pick you up from anywhere in the city and take you directly to your destination. Cab companies work 24 hours. Some offer specialized ride services to the airport, or from the airport home, at a set rate fee.

No taxicab operator shall refuse to transport someone based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, or marital status.

Cost to Hire a Cab in Albuquerque

Below is a sampling of the average rates for local cab fares in Albuquerque. Taxis can be an affordable option, especially when several people are traveling to the same destination. Cab companies vary in rates, so be sure to ask the cabbie beforehand so you know what to expect.

The following rates are for Albuquerque Cab Company (taxes and tip not included):

$2.50 Passenger Pickup
$2.20 Per Mile Charge
$1.00 Per Extra Person
$2.00 Extra Baggage, after 2 per passenger

So getting into any cab to travel is $2.50 to start, and with each additional mile, the cost is another $2.20. Add an extra dollar for each additional passenger. 

The following rates are for ABQ Green Cab Company: (taxes included)

$2.94 Passenger Pickup
$2.60 Per Mile Charge
$1.07 Per Extra Person

Some of the cab companies offer a special discount for long distance travel.

Taxi Companies in Albuquerque

ABQ Metro is an independent network of drivers contracted by Yellow Cab Co. They provide service to the extended Albuquerque metro and surrounding counties and other points in New Mexico. They provide flat rates for long distance services. ABQ Taxi is a network of independent drivers contracted out by Yellow Cab Co. They service from the Albuquerque airport to points in New Mexico.

How to Lodge a Complaint

If you would like to lodge a complaint about a local cab company, contact the Public Regulation Commission. The PRC's Compliance Bureau investigates complaints against taxis, shuttles, tours and sightseeing services. 

Pedicabs, or Pedal-Powered Taxis

When touring Old Town, be sure to look for the Old Town Pedicab Tour, which makes for a fresh, open-air sightseeing option in fine weather. You'll learn the history of the area as you pedal through.

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