Horse Trail Rides in the Albuquerque Area

Getting on the back of a horse and taking a trail ride can be a great way to spend a morning or afternoon. There are places in the Albuquerque area where riders can take in the mountains, bluffs, bosque or desert. Here's where you can find a horse and hit the trails. 

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Acacia Riding Adventures (ARA)

horseback riders in White Sands NM
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Located along the waters of the Rio Grande, Acacia Riding Adventures (ARA) near Socorro offers views of rugged canyons, petrified sand dunes and lots of beautiful desert. Take a sunset ride, a full moon ride, or if you're an experienced rider, see White Sands from on top of a horse. A river ride in the warm season will get you wet. Rides can be for one hour, 90 minutes, or longer. A full day or half day adventure are also options. Open 365 days a year.

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Cedar Crest Stables

Take in the beautiful views from the mountain when you book a trail ride in nearby Cedar Crest. All rides at the stables are guided by an expert rider who can help beginner and seasoned riders. The minimum age for children is eight. Rides are by appointment. There are several rides available, which vary in scenery and duration. There are several options, to include a canyon ride (2 hours) or a waterfall ride (4 hours), which provides scenic views of waterfalls. Custom designed rides are also available. There is a two-hour minimum for one person or a ‚Äčone-hour minimum if the rider is grouped with other riders.

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Running Horse Ranch

Running Horse Ranch offers trail rides along the Rio Grande. You'll enjoy the cottonwood trees and bosque as well as spectacular views of the Sandia Mountains. Trail rides are available either with or without a guide, depending on your experience.

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Tamaya Resort

Trail rides take place in the summer, with morning rides at 8:30 a.m. and evening rides at 6:00 p.m. Rides can take place through the cottonwood trees along the Rio Grande and Jemez Rivers, or along the ancient trails walked by the Tamayame have traveled for centuries. Trail rides are guided by professional handlers. Private, individual and group rides are available. Children must be seven or older and four feet tall to ride. Rides take about two hours. Reserve by 8 p.m. the day before the ride.

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