Alabama Adventure and Splash Adventure Offers Wet and Dry Fun

It's Mostly a Water Park. But It Has a Coaster and Other Rides Too.

Alabama Splash Adventure water park

Alabama Splash Adventure

First, a bit of history is in order.

The water park and amusement park now known as Alabama Adventure and Splash Adventure was originally known as Visionland. Its owners then changed the name to Alabama Adventure, and the complex included Splash Beach water park. In 2012, they ditched the amusement rides and concentrated on the water park, which they renamed Splash Adventure. Then, a new owner renamed the park Alabama Splash Adventure and began bringing back some of the amusement park rides. Finally, the name reverted to Alabama Adventure and Splash Adventure. Got it?

Although it is identified as two parks, a ticket includes admission to both Alabama Adventure amusement park and Splash Adventure water park.

The water park is fairly large and offers some marquee thrill rides. It also offers the usual water park suspects, including water slides, a wave pool, and a lazy river. Younger children would enjoy Salamander Bay, a water activity area, and Castaway Island, an interactive water play structure with a dump bucket. There are a growing number of amusement park attractions at Alabama Adventure, including a major roller coaster, a train ride, a kiddie coaster, spinning teacups, bumper boats and other rides for younger kids.

Alabama Adventure and Splash Adventure is owned by members of the same family that operates Holiday World in Indiana. Like that park, it offers complimentary soft drinks, free parking, free sunscreen, free life jackets, and free WiFi.

Slide and Ride Highlights

Rampage roller coaster at Alabama Adventure
Alabama Adventure

Featured water rides include:

  • UpSurge!, a half-pipe slide that sends riders in rafts careening back and forth.
  • The "toilet bowl" ride, Splashdown, sends passengers swirling around a bowl and flushes them into a splash pool.
  • The Wipeout Adventure Course, as its name suggests, is an obstacle course with water-based fun.
  • Freefall is a tall speed slide with a nearly vertical drop.
  • Visitors who dare to challenge Mist-ical Maze may get water sprayed at them if they make a wrong turn. There is also a small drop tower ride,

Featured amusement park rides include:

  • The wooden roller coaster, Rampage, climbs 120 feet and hits a top speed of 56 mph.
  • In The Vault Laser Maze Challenge, participants have to dodge laser beams, Mission: Impossible-style.
Rocket Racer slide at Alabama Adventure

Alabama Adventure

What’s New at Alabama Adventure?

In 2021, the park will welcome Rocket Racer, a six-lane mat-racing slide. Before racing down side-by-side, competitors will enter enclosed tubes that will send them into 360-degree spirals. The park is advertising the 400-foot-long attraction as the biggest water slide in Alabama and says that the addition of Rocket Racer will make Alabama Adventure the biggest water park in the state.

What's to Eat?

Typical park fare includes funnel cake, burgers, hot dogs, pizza, ice cream, and popcorn. Among the more unique items are pulled pork sandwiches and a selection of pies, which are served at The General's Diner. Note that the park does not allow guests to bring in coolers nor any outside food.

Tickets and Admission, Location, and Hours

One price includes admission to the water park and amusement park and unlimited rides. Reduced price for children 52 inches and under and seniors 55+. The park also offers reduced prices for next-day tickets. Check Alabama Adventure's Web site for special promotions, such as discounts for bringing empty soda cans. Season passes and group passes are available.

The park is located in Bessemer, Alabama, not far from Birmingham. The address is 4599 Splash Adventure Parkway. Take Exit 110 off I-459 at I-20 and I-59.

Alabama Adventure is open mid-May to early September. Check the park’s official site for exact dates and hours.

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